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Daniel the Great
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Originally Posted by Big Bad Sven View Post
Funny how you say Debar has only been "albanian" when the strange thing is that we had many noble macedonian freedom fighters from debar fight in the Illenden uprising. Even today Debar is mostly macedonian muslim, but sadly they have been seduced by corrupt shiptar blood money.

But anyway, every one knows shiptars are like the biggest pussies in the balkans, acted tough hiding behind the ottomans backs, acted tough hiding behind NATO's skirt, but when they are alone they cry and beg for their miserable lives like bitches. If you want a example just look back a few years when the shiptars from kosovo were crying at the macedonian border for help and refuge

Shiptars are all talk and image, they are nothing but a joke, a sick dog on the leash for america's dirty work, but once their purpose has been used up they will be put down like a sick dog.

Cant wait for that day, hopefully a lot of shiptar heads are smashed, so the rest of you hill billies learn to behave again, and start cleaning macedonian toilets again

I couldn't of said it better my self.
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Thanks for the perspective Onur some of the Macedonians on this Forum shouldn't have been scared by this Albanian fairy tale spin.

Albanian Ultra Nationalists are great Internet Warriors they forget Kosovo's only pillars of a State are its Visa scheme, a Flag of some sorts and a Police Force and the sole property of the EU at that.

they still are a Serbian UN Protectorate with sway in the EU kind of independent but not really

For the Shiptars killing and cleaning Kosovo of its non Albanian Population keeps them content

It is how they live not economic prosperity that is important to them that is why Kosovo will remain isolated for ever

Making enemy's in the region is not in their Interest but they are to stupid to comprehend that

Win Kosovo first you lunatics

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I would not be so quick to dismiss these lunatics so quickly. The whole of their plan is unlikely to happen but bits of it are already in progress.

The Greek part is unlikely to happen firstly because Greece is still the west’s little darling. Whatever the Greeks have over the west to be tolerated like this must be good but none the less I am sure you would agree that Greece would be treated differently to Macedonia or Serbia.

The second reason which in part ties in with the first is numbers. Greece is 10 million and the Albanian minority is very small. I know if we look at blood lines over half the Greeks could be Albanian as some have said. This even if true is irrelevant as they see themselves as Greeks and apposed to the Albanians. If military action were to be used to break from Greece I think it is likely they would be massacred and due to Greece being the west’s darling little action will be done against them and their atrocities covered up as best as possible.

Kosovo on the other hand is already being recognised as a separate country despite Serbia’s protests. I think the Serbs could be too late on this point. It really depends what the Greater Powers allow to happen.

The eu want Kosovo and Albania to sign the document they will not become one country but which both parties have to date refused to sign. Kosovo can later claim not only that they want to join Albania but also economically they are unviable unless the join and rather than be a burden to the west it would be in everyone’s interest to let them.

In Macedonia they have made repeated calls for separatist rights of Albanian being used I councils and other government instruments as an official language where Albanians are in the majority. Further they want and I think they have a redistribution of council boundaries and a call to federalise Macedonia like Yugoslavia was a federal state made up of components. This is one step from then wanting to secede from the federation and once done it will be their choice what to do ie join Albania and Kosovo. The census is one legal function they want to use towards this end hence the bun fight in parliament about when the census should be held ie in July when Albanians living abroad will have their annual holiday and all rush to Macedonia to be part of the census.

The Albanian lobby in the usa is still very strong and again they will try to bend the usa to accept and repeat as policy for the sake of stability of the region and civil rights the position of units within a federation should be allowed to break off. This is why the census is important and any suggestion of federation should be quashed.

Is it starting to look like not so pie in the sky. Even a slight chance is enough for the Albanians to go nuts with their wet dreams and have a try. They are a persistent lot and any time they go quiet does not mean you have won the war only the battle while they wait for the next round.
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Soldier of Macedon
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While I can understand the frustration and vengeful sentiments of some Macedonians here, let's not get carried away with the generalisations about Albanians. Not all of them are the same, and certainly not all of them are like these racist monkeys that frequent the MTO from time to time. Venting is one thing, but let's not lower ourselves to their pathetic level.
In the name of the blood and the sun, the dagger and the gun, Christ protect this soldier, a lion and a Macedonian.
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I couldnt agree with you more SOM

I actually like the people i feel sorry for them because they are being used for other purposes they are not asked about what they think they just follow orders from the people who forcefully represent them. In 2001, ordinary Albanians who had businesses were forced to give financial funds to UCK if they didnt they could have been killed, some of them were killed.

Its 2010 we want open borders,freedom of movement,joint armies,joint laws,free trade etc etc yet we have Albanians openly stating how they are going to take land away from 4 different countries.
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One problem with their greater Albania plan is last time Macedonia barely had arms to fight of the terrorists and the people had their typical Macedonian slumber mentality. Today the army has new weapons and specialty units and the people have had enough. If any take two on 2001 was attempted how many Albanians do you think will be wiped out in about 3 hours…and I don’t mean just by the army… before the whole thing is made to be called off by usa threats of bombing. Again Albania will be told to back off lest Turkey jumps in and starts a wider conflict. Times have changed that’s why they are trying the legal rout.
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albanian myth

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