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Originally Posted by Rogi View Post
Pelister, I think you have a problem with your own misinterpretations.

Firstly, you're way off about Coolski and you've clearly misunderstood his posts on this forum.

Secondly, Coolski never ever suggested a name change for Macedonia and has never held that position within UMD.

Finally, UMD as an organisation will never, ever accept such a position. The purpose of UMD's existence is not to lobby for Macedonia, but rather to further the Macedonian cause.

Perhaps you could tell us what you feel is shady, so that we can clear things up for you - rather than continue on making empty accusations. But I do hope that you can understand what moderate politics is, even if the goals may not be moderate.


I have always been open and honest about my position regarding Macedonia.

It is no secret I have a number of grievances with Coolski's principles.

He did suggest changing the name to me, which is part of the reason I am here and not there.

I will just quickly raise a few issues. He has misrepresented what people on this forum mean when they say "Macedonia for the Macedonians", and further suggested that it is usually meant in a racist way (he has issues with racists). The evidence on this forum doesn't support that.

Coolski is also misrepresenting the Macedonian Nationality, in principle. He argues that the term Macedonia, can be applied in two ways, one, it can mean an ethnic group, and two, it can mean someone who "feels" Macedonian, Nationality, which could include any ethnic group. I agree that as an abstract concept it could. Historically, I cannot. The emergence and development of the Macedonian Nationality in bound to the Macedonian ethnic group. Coolski is in my opinion misrepresenting the Macedonian Nationality, in historical terms, by taking something in the Krushevo manifesto out of context.

Now, I should not assume that Coolski's personal point of view, is necessarily the position held by UMD.

Having said that, you ought to undestand that my point of view could have some merit, and that the personal points of view of some members of UMD, could also represent the position of UMD, although evidently not in official circles.

You are saying to me that UMD will never accept a position that compromises Macedonia's identity.

The Greek State is trying to get the Macedonians to reject their own Nationality, i.e., to remove themselves in historical terms to any part they play in their own liberation, as Macedonians !

I am saying that a high ranking member of UMD, is taking exactly this position, on civic principle.

So, naturally I have problems with that Clubs position regarding the Macedonian Nationality.
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