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Once caught in a lie, Bulgarians are fleeing from the essence of the dispute and did not want to hear what in fact the question is about.
Examples are the comments after the article about exposing the shallow propaganda served from D. Bechev.

Namely, they are forgetting the analogy examples in history and only for Macedonians they apply dual criteria.

I suspect that "doctor" Bechev is ready to apply his thoughts on a wider internationally level.
I'd propose to Him to start getting in question the Polish history and their anthem known as "March of Dombrovski" written in Italy and adopted by the Polish Legion of Jan Henrik Dombrovski which fought in the ranks of the French armies of Napoleon Bonaparte in his European conquest.

Then He can switch back to the "home" field, and to explain why the Macedonian "Yankee" who joined the service of the U.S. Army in World War despite the direct
Proclamation of President Woodrow Wilsonall man of German origin, including the allies of Germany, were declared as alienated enemies of the United States and were discharged from army service. Bulgaria as a German ally was included in this proclamation of the U.S. President. All man of Bugarian origin were released from the recruitation.

These brave Macedonians, chosed to fight in this war along with the American troops, and to die only as MACEDONIANS.

All they had to do is to tell the officers that they are not Macedonians but Bulgarians or that were born in Bulgaria.
Instead, they decided to fight in this war along with the American troops, and to die only as MACEDONIANS, only brave and patriotic men are opting to such act of unselfish sacrifice, they sacrifice completely instead to spend their life with a false identity.

This below is a "military card" filled in by one of the many Macedonians registered in the U.S. Army in World War II, in fact, like all other soldiers. (Click for picture)

Pay attention to the following parts:
1st # 5 Where were you born?
# 6 If not a citizen, of what country are you a citizen or subject?
# 10 Race (specify which)?

The answer to these questions is of course Macedonia and Macedonians.

Is our "PhD" who decided to explain the Macedonian history is able to explain his not-so-distant membership in the Bulgarian nationalist party VMRO-BND as close associate of Karakachanov and a youth leader of the party's hopes?

Let us recall that one of the principles of this party is "protection and restoration of the Bulgarianess in the Republic of Macedonia until the reunification of the Bulgarian state "(?) (See photos)

Bechev’s history of denial of the Macedonian history comes to light with popularization of the first online forum discussions, leaving many traces that are witnessing about his biased view and pledge. His latest popular attempt is to abuse his acquired academic title as alleged credibility to his old anti-Macedonian standings.

The reason why Bechev joins the already initiated campaign against alleged
antiquization of Macedonian Government is the "unapproachable" historic field for the Bulgarian propaganda which can never establish deeper ties with that part of Macedonian history, in period when the Bulgarian name was not there either as egzonim nor endonim on European soil.

After all this, it is unnecessary to talk about Bechev as a relevant objective so-called doctor, because his commitment and bias view towards the Bulgarian national-chauvinist movements and ideas is clear, therefore, his dictionary of Macedonia has no relevance.

P.S. Check the commentaries under the Macedonian version of the article
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