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Pelister, please, get the basics right first. UMD does not support the negotiations.

After you have the basics about UMD's position right, then, feel free to criticise and attack if you disagree. But please, do not slander based on misrepresentation and falsification. It really does nobody any good.

UMD's poltiical correctness, which I hate but do understand, is the only reason why politicians in the US are willing to sit down with UMD.

The World Macedonian Congress made all their views and positions in public. That was great and it means we all know we can support the WMC because it holds the right views and positions for the Macedonian cause. However, because of that the WMC was then labelled as 'hardline' and 'nationalistic' and whatnot and was unfortunately subsequently sidelined in all political spheres, in Macedonia and outside of Macedonia.

So UMD is trying a different approach, and I guess it means having to wriggle around for a while until you are in those inner circles where you then have some cards to play. That doesn't mean the same goals and ideals are not held by everyone in UMD, it just means that your hiding your cards and holding them close.

Let's be open here... we don't have money (and the Greeks just seem to throw that around everywhere we go) to support politicians, we don't have any real friends in politics (based on ideology and understanding the Macedonian cause), in fact we don't have much at all, other than the hope of good will by those whose support we seek.

Every time UMD makes a statement that the Greeks can use for its 'nationalistic' or 'hard-line' approach, the Greeks use it, they go to the very politicians who's good will we rely on, then they make their lives difficult for dealing with UMD. That means the good will with the politician is then gone - the politicians just don't feel its worth fighting for us and causing any hassle for themselves, there's nothing in it for them. We don't have anything to offer. That's the sad reality and you would be surprised (and annoyed) at how many times we have had to go up and down the same paths because of this.

If we are not politically correct right now, then we don't really exist on any level that matters, because we lose access to the people whose support we need in order to build what we are trying to build.

All that said, however, If you're talking about political correctness in terms of what is happening inside Macedonia, you're damn right. There need to be some serious anti Government releases coming out from UMD to help ground the Government and not let it get ahead of itself and move away from the right path for the Macedonian cause (as it is with allowing a terrorist museum in Macedonia and so on).
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