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Default Petar Bogojeski - misunderstood or just another traitor?

Who knows what to make of this character. He used to be part of the DPNE scene and then formed his own party called Macedonian Concept. He seems to enjoy calling out the Bulgars these days, but he has often been accused of being a bulgarophile in the past, which he considers to be a smear from his political opponents in Macedonia. He isn't a big factor in Macedonian politics and didn't receive much votes in the previous election but is quite active on social media, where he recently tried to convince disgruntled members of Ljupco Georgievski's party to join his party. For the sake of clarity and in case anybody was intending to support him, I have summarised a few of his interviews with Vasko Eftov, where he outlines his positions and perspectives on Macedonian issues.

This interview (26 June 20) starts in a funny way. Within the first couple of minutes, Eftov states that Bogojeski is the first traitor to attend his show for over a year, lol. Eftov points out his association with Jess Baily, the U.S. diplomat who promoted a name change. Bogojeski claims he was against the name change, but not necessarily against the treacherous Prespa Agreement (later on, he says he won’t change his party’s name to North Macedonian Concept because it is not required by the Prespa Agreement). Whatever. From around 48 mins onward, he talks about his support for the introduction of Bulgarian as a language of official communication in Macedonia. He tries to rationalise that by saying he supports the same for the languages of all minorities in Macedonia. Somewhat similar to Zaev introducing every ethnicity under the sun in the constitution. Stupidly, he goes on to say that the “Macedonian Bulgars” have the right to use their mother-tongue when communicating with the republic – ignoring the fact that the actual mother-tongue of those deluded clowns is Macedonian and not Bulgarian, which is based on the eastern dialects of Bulgaria and is far removed from the dialects in the Macedonian republic. When challenged by Eftov, Bogojeski denies being a “Macedonian Bulgar” and instead claims that he is a Macedonian (Ljupco Georgievski, an ardent bulgarophile traitor, also says the same). Eftov also criticises his relationship to Parthenius, a supposed abbot at the Bigorski Monastery who stupidly claims that the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, as the successor of the Exarchate (which was created after a royal decree from the Ottoman Muslim Sultan), is the mother-church of the Macedonian Orthodox Church. Eftov suggests that it is only natural for traitors to defend traitors. Bogojeski says he would be happy for Parthenius to be the leader of the MOC and tells Eftov that he has a different understanding of bulgarophilism to himself. Eftov calls them both neovrhovisti. Bogojeski suggest that the real bugarashi in Macedonia are actually UDBAshi. At one stage he also claims that the Macedonian identity came about through natural development without outside influences and he rejects those who follow Todor Zhivkov’s theories about Macedonians.

In this interview (19 October 20) Bogejski claims (8 mins) that for the Bulgars he’s a serbophile and for the Serbs he’s a bulgarophile, because they can’t stand that he’s an authentic Macedonian. He talks about his great-grandfather fighting for the liberty of Macedonia as a volunteer in the Bulgar army on the Adrianople front. Yeah, ok….that makes sense. After he makes reference to a Serb phrase (53 mins), Eftov, with a straight face, says he speaks good Serbian for a bulgarophile, lol. Bogojeski spends quite a bit of time speaking out against Bulgaria, Bulgar politics, Karakachanov, etc. He claims that Mickoski is scared of Borisov and friends with Karakachanov. He talks about how there are 2.5-3 million Macedonians, many of whom hold high positions within Bulgar society. He says (1.17 mins) he became more active as a patriot when he saw that Bulgaria’s politics were dangerous for Macedonia.

In the last interview (22 January 21), Bogojeski says he has been referred to as a bulgarophile for years (24 mins). Eftov responds by telling him that this is how he is stored in his phone, lol. Bogojeski also talks about how the Exarchate belonged to both Macedonians and Bulgarians. And he is rabidly pro-EU, calling himself a euro-fundamentalist. There is also the below, where he speaks against some of the idiotic Bulgar lies about the Macedonian language and states that Macedonians destroyed the actual Bulgar language and imposed Old Church Slavonic and Christianity in Bulgaria.

1.11.20 - Нашиот си е јазик на нашиот народен говор од Македонија, Вашиот си е на Вашиот народен говор од Бугарија! Дополнително, Св. Наум на Вас ви создаде Преславска книжевна школа, на нас Св. Климент ни создаде Охридска книжевна школа! И тоа по задача од Ромеја, а не од Борис Први! Уште од тогаш Ромеите правеле разлика помеѓу нас! Затоа сме имале и две различни Цркви – Охридска наша и Трновска Ваша! Да сме на чисто! Секој со своето! Вистината е дека денес не постои оригиналниот бугарски јазик! Бугарите во седмиот век си имале држава и свој бугарски јазик со свое писмо! Ние македонистите културолошки сме Ве надвладеале, со помош на Константинопол, сме Ви наметнале старословенски јазик, на тој јазик сме Ве христијанизирале, а Вашиот бугарски јазик сме Ви го уништиле некаде кон 11-от век преку Охридската Архиепископија! Ако нешто Ви значи, еве јавно Ви се извинувам за овој културолошки геноцид, кој моето племе го извршил врз Вашето племе! Извинете бескрајно! “, додава Богојески.
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