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Risto the Great 11-10-2011 06:41 PM

We are witnessing the demise of a united Europe here folks.
Macedonia still seeks to jump on board the sinking ship.

The USA will be happy with the eventual demise or reducing significance of the Euro I would imagine.

Sputnik 11-10-2011 07:28 PM

[QUOTE=Risto the Great;114102]We are witnessing the demise of a united Europe here folks.[/QUOTE] We are witnessing Newtonism at work. :)

Now do we believe in Issac Newtons theories? lol

Quote: "In nature nothing starts or stops moving until an outside force causes it to". In this case, Greece was/is that "outside force" :)

[QUOTE=Risto the Great;114102] The USA will be happy with the eventual demise or reducing significance of the Euro I would imagine.[/QUOTE] Actually i think it would be the opposite. No nation wants a strong currency. The Euro will become junk money and the reaction to that, would be a stronger Greenback (US dollar). No good for exporting. Especially in times like these.

ProMKD 11-10-2011 08:24 PM

Holy crap SoM, I was about to post, and you took the quotes, and your responses right out of my mouth (keyboard). +1 For that one.

I'd also like to add:
[quote]Fast-tracking Macedonia’s admission to the EU would reinforce a changed European approach, which would [b]reward[/b] countries that do the work of forging their own futures,...[/quote]
'letting' us in the EU is no reward. Maybe a reward for them - more cheap labour to exploit

George S. 11-10-2011 10:40 PM

Sputniki don't think anyone bothered to really analyse why the roman empire fell the same things befront the eu.EU is just on the slide & its all a downslide to destruction.

Onur 11-11-2011 05:48 AM

LOL, this is so funny but in an ironic way. See what Romanian PM said in a joint conference with Angela Merkel;

[QUOTE][B][COLOR="Red"]‘Don’t laugh’: Romania still wants to join the euro[/COLOR][/B]
THE PRESIDENT of Romania has insisted that his country remains committed to joining the euro by 2015 – despite the constant turmoil within the single currency which has threatened to ruin it completely.

Speaking to reporters in Berlin, after a meeting with German chancellor Angela Merkel, president Traian Basescu said his country’s economic priority had been to fulfil the entry criteria for the common currency, and that this had not changed.
“We want to join the eurozone in 2015 if all the preconditions are satisfied,” Basescu said.

He prefaced his remarks with the words, “Don’t laugh.”[/COLOR][/B]

There are four main criteria for entry to the euro: keeping the government deficit within 3 per cent of GDP; joining the European exchange rate mechanism; and keeping both long-term bond and inflation rates close to those already in place in the eurozone.

So far Romania has only met one of those four criteria – keeping its gross government debt at just 30.5 per cent of GDP, well below the 60 per cent limit.

The Czech Republic last month insisted it wanted to fulfil the criteria by 2014, and has so far fulfilled two of the four criteria. It has not yet joined the exchange rate mechanism, and currently has a government deficit standing at 5.7 per cent of its GDP.

At least four of the current members of the eurozone – Ireland, Greece, Portugal and Italy – would not currently qualify for eurozone membership if they were not already part of the single currency, simply because the cost of borrowing for each government is above the 6 per cent threshold.

11 November 2011


I pity for those poor people. They have been capitulated so much that they even wanna be part of a dying currency. It seems like they have convinced themselves that even a dying union is better than their current condition, so they wanna be ruled by few eurocrats from Brussels after being ruled in same way for decades by Moscow.

We can wish them luck about their eurozone entry in 2015, ofc if eurozone still exists then (!!!)

George S. 11-11-2011 12:18 PM

onur i read somewhere both romania & bulgaria or is it hungary have borrowed from greece itself.I wonder if there is going to be a domino effect??

Sputnik 11-16-2011 12:14 AM

Western Balkan Growth to Outpace EU in 2012, World Bank Says.

Western Balkan economies will grow an average 2.1 percent in 2012, four times the pace of the European Union, should the euro region avoid a “disorderly default,” the World Bank said.
Next year’s growth for Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, the Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia, a region called the SEE6, would compare with 0.5 percent for the 27-nation EU, the World Bank said in a report today. This year’s SEE6 expansion is seen at 2.5 percent, compared with an assumption of 1.6 percent for the EU, the Washington-based institution said.........

Macedonia is the only country with some room for “an accommodative fiscal policy,” allowing it to boost government spending to support the economy should the crisis worsen. The rest of the region, it warned, should aim for “precautionary” fiscal tightening, with a focus on pensions and wage bills...................


Pelister 11-16-2011 12:24 AM

E.U is a racist hole. The Macedonian Republic does not need it, and given that about 30 per cent of the population openly identify ethnically, and politically with a foriegn country (Albania, Turkey and Serbia), I don't think the Macedonian Republic can afford to devolve any more central power that it already has. I mean, the E.U has been erasing the Macedonian identity from its reports, its files, its letters over the years.

Sputnik 11-16-2011 09:11 PM

WOW.....everyone must read this.

QUOTE "Coincidence or not, virtually the same day both the Italian and Greece's Governments were overhauled.
Italy's Monti and Greece's Papademos were both very experienced and wealthy Bankers, both members of an elite and very influential organization named the "Trilateral Commission" founded by David Rockefeller.
Monti, or "Super Monti" as he was nicknamed by his friends at the organization, was in charge of Trilateral Commission's European branch.

Monti was known for bringing charges against Microsoft as part of an anti-corruption probe against the Tech giant. He has also brought charges against US car manufacturer GM on their effort to merge with foreign car manufacturers.
Monti was also an adviser for Goldman Sachs and Coca Cola. Before taking Italy's PM reigns, Monti was working on strengthening the EU on the inside, creating a United States of Europe via the "Groupe Spinelli" organization created for that purpose.

The new PM of Greece, Lucas Papademos is also a member of the Trilateral Commission since 1998. At the time, he was an economist for the American Central Bank, also known as the "Boston Fed". He was also a Governor of Greece's National Bank at a time when Greece moved away from its drachma to the euro. In effect, he played a role in cooking up Greece's economic numbers so they could adopt the euro. He seemed to have been awarded for his part of making sure Greece adopted the euro by being appointed the vice president to the head of the European Central Bank, Jean Claude Trichet, 2002-2010.

Before being appointed the new PM of Greece, Papademos was a financial advisor to Papandreou.

Both Monti and Papademos have major ties to the TC and the Banking world as showcased above. Were they put in charge so Banks, the IMF and the EU can have an easy go with Italy and Greece?"

More on Rockefeller and the influence on EU later.

George S. 11-17-2011 02:02 AM

why didn't italy put this monte expert to fix italy before it became into debt.Well if monti was involved with golden sachs say no more .He was involved in criminal activity to arrange all those loans for greece.If thats the case then i wonder how he is going to save italy what hide the debt or disguise it??

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