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Jankovska 07-28-2009 03:41 AM

True the majority will not be chasing Bulgarian passports but honestly I don't see how the visa's have such an impact on this. People don't get Bulgarian passports just for travel, they get them za pechalba and with the visa's we'll be getting you have no right to work. I am not sure, maybe it is a quiet period because everyone wants to see what is happening.
As for the cars I think our goverment is a joke regarding this- my brother drives a tiko of £3000 in the UK you can buy a BMW for that amount. It's supid

Soldier of Macedon 07-28-2009 06:33 AM

[QUOTE][B]Swedish FM welcomes Macedonia's progress towards EU membership[/B]

Brussels, July 27 (MIA) - I think we are making good progress. There are open issues we are working on, and we had the opportunity to exchange views on the situation in the Western Balkans. We also discussed about the possibility of moving the region towards European integration. There is no question that the Western Balkans is interesting for the Union, said Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt at a press conference late Monday following the EU-Macedonia Stabilization and Association Council, MIA reports from Brussels.

Bildt's Macedonian counterpart Antonio Milososki agreed, saying that good progress has been made, although there are certain things that need to be completed in the upcoming period, but with an enormous motivation to do this.

"The close cooperation we have established with the European Commission is crucial in Macedonia's approximation to Europe. The country is ready and motivated to move forward regarding the issue and I believe that the October report is our priority, meeting the benchmarks, so that we obtain the EC recommendation for beginning of Union accession talks by the year-end", said FM Milososki.

He added that the Council meeting once again demonstrated that EU-Macedonia cooperation strengthens by the year.

[B]Asked if he shared the optimism of Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn that Macedonia and Greece could settle the name issue so that Macedonia opens accession negotiations, Bildt said he was neither optimist nor pessimist, but would rather wait for the [U]EC Progress Report in October[/U], adding that a solution to the problem is in the interest of both parties[/B].[/QUOTE]
What progress report?

Soldier of Macedon 07-28-2009 06:40 AM

[QUOTE]EU - Macedonia meeting in Brussels
Monday, 27 July 2009

FM Antonio Milososki, Deputy PM for European Affairs Vasko Naumovski and Deputy PM for Framework Agreement Implementation Abdilakim Ademi Monday in Brussels will participate at the meeting of EU - Macedonia Stabilisation and Association Council.

Milososki will chair the meeting and Carl Bildt, Swedish Foreign Affairs Minister, will be president-in-office of the Council. Macedonia's progress towards the EU accession and visa liberalisation will be discussed at the meeting.

Sixth meeting of the Stabilisation and Association Council takes place only two months prior to release of the [B]EC Progress Report[/B].[/QUOTE]

Risto the Great 07-28-2009 07:10 AM

More carrots for the mythical golden ultimate carrot.
What a farce.
I hope Gruevski is playing with these fools in the traditional Balkan fashion.

Risto the Great 08-04-2009 10:34 PM

Macedonia will not introduce visas for countries from the region
[QUOTE]Macedonia will [B]most likely[/B] refrain from introducing visas for Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey and the other countries falling in the EU black list, the Macedonian daily Nova Makedonija reports. According to experts by placing Macedonia on the white Schengen list, the EU does not require Macedonia to equalize its visa regime with that of the Schengen area countries.
“The country is to independently decide whether or not to introduce visas. This has been illustrated by Bulgaria, which kept putting off the introduction of visas for Macedonia as long as possible” explained Sonja Kostovska of the Center for Policy Research and Development.
Macedonia’s Foreign Ministry has not replied with regard to the allegations by Pristina-based daily newspaper Koha Ditore that Macedonia may introduce visas for Kosovo and Macedonia as of 1 January next year.[/QUOTE]

Wake up Macedonia ... learn to play the game.

Jankovska 08-05-2009 03:00 AM

I don't see them actually introducing visa's for Kosovo and Albania,our Albanian politicians have to much power and are given the right to use any sort of manner to gain anything they want.

NikodimMKD 08-05-2009 11:05 AM

We should have visas for all neighboring states.

Daskalot 10-15-2009 08:45 AM

Macedonia and the EU!
I will start a new thread in regards to Rogi's statement below.

[QUOTE=Rogi;24948]I'd like to see it too.

On another note, actually related to the topic, it seems the news of this report is much bigger than we may think. Apparently Greece will not be blocking Macedonia's EU accession and (supposedly) a date for starting accession talks will be announced in December.[/QUOTE]

I would like to point out that EU does have the requirement of the name change on the agenda, this is what Scandinavian news outlets report.

Daskalot 10-15-2009 08:53 AM

Here is an article from the Danish newspaper, Berlingske Tidende:


Makedonien rykker tættere på EU

EU-Kommissionen rækker hånden ud mod Makedonien og foreslår forhandlinger om medlemskab. Men først skal en langvarig navnestrid med Grækenland løses.

Onsdag den 14. oktober 2009, 15:11
EU lægger nu op til at starte forhandlinger med Makedonien om optagelse i unionen.

I den årlige udvidelsesrapport noterer EU-Kommissionen, at der er sket så store fremskridt i Balkanlandet det seneste år, at det nu opfylder de såkaldte Københavnerkriterier, som er en facitliste for medlemskab.

Dermed bør EU-landene give grønt lys for reelle optagelsesforhandlinger, lyder konklusionen.

Makedonien blev for næsten fire år siden officielt udnævnt til kandidatland i EU, men siden er der ikke sket de store fremskridt i forhandlingerne. Det skyldes især en navnestrid med nabolandet Grækenland, som har en provins med samme navn.

EU's udvidelseskommissær, Olli Rehn, lægger heller ikke skjul på, at EU-forhandlingerne risikerer at blive blokeret af grækerne, hvis der ikke findes en løsning hurtigst muligt.

- Det her er en meget stærk opfordring til at få løst navneproblemet og fjerne det fra dagsordenen. Det haster mere, end det nogensinde har gjort, for at sikre Makedonien en fremtid i EU, siger han.

På grund af navnestriden går Makedonien i EU-kredse under det mere politisk korrekte navn FYROM (Den tidligere Jugoslaviske Republik Makedonien).

Hvis EU-landene går med til at starte optagelsesforhandlinger, så står Makedoniens EU-drømme dog fortsat foran en årelang proces. Først skal der nemlig forhandles om i alt 35 kapitler, der sikrer, at ansøgerlandets love er tilpasset EU-lovgivningen.


Translated by Google translate:
[QUOTE]Macedonia moves closer to EU

EU Commission reaching out to Macedonia and proposes negotiations on membership. But first a long name conflict with Greece resolved.

Wednesday 14 October 2009, 15:11
The EU is now up to launch negotiations with Macedonia to join the union.

In its annual enlargement report notes the EU Commission that there has been so much progress in the Balkans last year that it now meets the Copenhagen criteria, which is a facit list for membership.

Thus, EU countries should give the green light to the actual accession talks, is the conclusion.

Macedonia was for nearly four years ago officially nominated candidate in the EU, but since there has been much progress in the negotiations. This is mainly due to a name conflict with neighboring Greece, which has a province with the same name.

EU Enlargement Commissioner, Olli Rehn, nor will hide the fact that EU negotiations could be blocked by the Greeks, if there is a solution as soon as possible.

- This is a very strong call to resolve the name issue and remove it from the agenda. It is more urgent than it has ever done for Macedonia to ensure a European future, "he says.

Because of the dispute over the name Macedonia is in EU circles under the more politically correct name of FYROM (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia).

If EU countries agree to start accession negotiations, so stand Macedonia EU dreams still ahead of a year-long process. First, having traded for a total of 35 chapters, which ensures that the candidate country's laws into line with EU legislation.

/ Ritzau / [/QUOTE]

Daskalot 10-15-2009 09:07 AM

Swedish press, Svenska Dagbladet:


[QUOTE]Makedonien ett steg närmare EU

Publicerad: 14 oktober 2009, 16.45. Senast ändrad: 14 oktober 2009, 17.28

Makedonien är nu redo att börja förhandla om EU-medlemskap, anser EU-kommissionen.

På gatorna i Makedoniens huvudstad Skopje togs onsdagens besked emot med glädje. Folk viftade med EU-flaggor och bilar tutade. Landet har väntat länge på att få börja förhandla, bland annat på grund av ett bråk med Grekland om rätten till namnet Makedonien.

- Det här ska ses som en mycket stark uppmuntran till att lösa namnfrågan så att den flyttas bort från dagordningen, sade EU:s utvidgningskommissionär Olli Rehn när han presenterade årets utvidgningsrapport i Bryssel.

Han konstaterade återigen att Kroatien närmar sig målsnöret för sina förhandlingar, som beräknas vara klara under första halvåret nästa år. Läget var länge helt låst eftersom Slovenien blockerade förhandlingarna på grund av en gränstvist mellan de båda länderna.

Turkiet började förhandla om medlemskap 2005, samtidigt som Kroatien. Men tempot i reformarbetet är lågt.

- Vi har sett förnyade ansträngningar till reformer, men vi förväntar oss att Turkiet gör mer, sade Rehn.

Till exempel måste yttrandefriheten stärkas, rättssystemet reformeras och rättigheter för fackföreningar förbättras. Dessutom kvarstår kravet att turkiska hamnar ska öppnas för cypriotiska fartyg.

Men det är inte bara bristen på reformer som sätter käppar i hjulet för Turkiet. Motstånd kommer också från Frankrike, Tyskland och andra EU-länder som inte tycker att Turkiet hör hemma i EU.

Även Island har lämnat in en ansökan om medlemskap, som håller på att gås igenom av EU-kommissionen just nu. Det finansiellt omskakade Island skiljer sig från de andra EU-aspiranterna. Geografiskt, men också för att mycket av EU-lagstiftningen redan är införd och att demokratin är stabil. Men därmed inte sagt att förhandlingarna kommer att bli smärtfria, tvärtom väntas många strider om fisket.

Bryssel TT-Reuters

Translated by Google translate:
[QUOTE]Macedonia one step closer to EU

Published: 14 October 2009, 16.45. Last update: 14 October 2009, 17:28

Macedonia is now ready to begin negotiations for EU membership, believes the EU Commission.

On the streets of the Macedonian capital Skopje was Wednesday's statement received with joy. People waved Union flags and cars chimed. The country has been waiting a long time to start to negotiate, partly because of a quarrel with Greece on the right of the name Macedonia.

- This should be seen as a very strong incentive to resolve the name issue so that it moves away from the agenda, "said EU Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn as he presented this year's enlargement of the report in Brussels.

He noted once again that Croatia is approaching the finishing line in their negotiations, which will be completed during the first half of next year. Location was quite long since locked Slovenia blocked the negotiations because of a border dispute between the two countries.

Turkey began negotiations for membership in 2005, while Croatia. But the pace of reforms is low.

- We have seen a renewed effort at reform, but we expect Turkey to do more, "said Rehn.

For example, freedom of speech strengthened the judicial system reformed and improved rights for unions. There is also the requirement that the Turkish ports to be opened to Cypriot ships.

But it's not just the lack of reform that puts spanner in the works for Turkey. Resistance also comes from France, Germany and other EU countries who do not believe that Turkey belongs in Europe.

Although Iceland has submitted an application for membership, which is being reviewed by the commission at this time. The financially shaken Iceland differs from the other EU aspirants. Geographically, but also because much of the EU legislation is already in place and that democracy is stable. But this is not to say that the negotiations will be painless, contrary expected many battles on the fishery.

Brussels Reuters[/QUOTE]

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