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Rogi 04-04-2022 06:40 AM

I wonder what impact, if any, the recent election results in Hungary and Serbia will have on Macedonia.

Risto the Great 04-04-2022 09:47 PM

[QUOTE=Rogi;186323]I wonder what impact, if any, the recent election results in Hungary and Serbia will have on Macedonia.[/QUOTE]

I would suggest zero impact. A national sentiment does not exist in Macedonia anymore.

Rogi 04-06-2022 04:40 AM

I'm not sure. I think there's a turning tide. National pride is at an all time low, that's for sure, given there's currently nothing to be proud of inside Macedonia and its current state of affairs in the economy, health, education, nothing really other than the soccer results. But national sentiment, I'm not so sure.

Risto the Great 04-06-2022 07:16 AM

If they were offered EU membership, they would be happy to call their country anything. I mean, they know they're Macedonian, right?

Karposh 04-21-2022 11:12 PM

I was flicking through an old book that I picked up during my 1997 visit to Macedonia the other day when I came across a prediction that was made regarding the expected projected population of Macedonia for the year 2025. The book covers all manner of facts and general information about Macedonia called "The Republic of Macedonia" and was published in 1996 by SIBIS, Skopje. here's the quote on page 142:
[QUOTE]According to the average population growth rate, it is estimated that in 2025 Macedonia will have about [B]3.2 million[/B] inhabitants, of which 2 million will be living in towns and 1.2 million in rural areas.[/QUOTE]
Almost. Just more than 1.2 million off the mark, that's all. I suppose it's only 2022 so you never know. Perhaps the Macedonian statisticians predicted a sudden nostalgic yearning for the motherland that will befall the Macedonian émigré communities from around the world which, in turn, would spur on an exodus back to the homeland.

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