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Phoenix, Spolaj Ti for the feedback i agree with you, apart from countries like Russia,China and USA i dont see the need for countries to be spending more then they could afford especially after this recession. We are a small country and we dont need to be spending so much, let the bigger nations invest in our army if they expect us to cover their backs in places like Afghanistan.

OziMak, Iraq's got oil, Afghanistan has drugs, what does Macedonia have? They already divided the region, im not ruling out something to occur in the near future but Phoenix is right, they will simply use the Albanians to create tensions.
МАКЕДОНЕЦ си кога кавал ќе ти ја распара душата,зурла ќе ти го раскине срцето,кога секое влакно од кожата ќе ти се наежи кога ќе видиш шеснаесеткрако сонце,кога до коска ќе те заболи кога ќе слушнеш ПЈРМ,кога немаш ни за леб,а полн си во душата затоа што ја сакаш МАКЕДОНИЈА. МАКЕДОНИЈА во срце те носиме.
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phoenix i agree with you 100 % the shiptars are like a noose around the necks of macedonians.These people do not really recognise us their mission is for a greater albania.
Even albania distances itself by saying to them they better behave & that they never had it so good.
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