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Back in 2005 I merely wanted to go to the duty free shop just outside of the Gevgelija border crossing.

I had a legitimate passport and no expensive or even cheap equipment on me. My cousin took me through in her car.

We were held up at the border crossing for about an hour just to go 50 metres down the road to the duty free shop.

My cousin handled all the enquiries and even went into the office. Nothing was asked personally from me.

I didn't know what the big dilemma was. Eventually we got through. I don't know what went on in that office and I hope she didn't pay for any bribes. She wouldn't tell me if she did.

She has a lot of contacts and is a high profile business exec. but that shouldn't have made a difference.
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Originally Posted by Stojacanec View Post
Amphipolis, where were the signs saying "Welcome to Yugoslavia"?
The signs were all over in people's actions. As I said the "method" and treatment (which I find really innovative... and hilarious actually) was the same in Serbia, the money was proportional to the length of the route, it was not a political treatment and it was not because we were Greeks. It was rather, an "I think I can make money out of you" treatment.

Lastly, I DID mention the problems in EU countries (Croatia and Slovenia) but at least we didn't have to pay 700 € for the honor of crossing the country.

I blame myself because while the director of post#1 was caught off-guard, I was warned by this very thread and had worked hard to produce and bring all the necessary legal documents and declare everything, but it still didn’t help and I’m not sure why. So other readers and travelers should be warned too.


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