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Default Citations Thread

I’m making this thread so there’s a place where all the various links around the forum are available in one place so they’ll be easier to find or for people to know about. I’ll be adding new links to this post over time, including ones added in replies to the thread. I don’t know why this forum doesn’t have spoiler tags but they’d be really useful for makeshift drop down menus to keep the post from getting too long as I add more. I’m not sure which section it’s best suited for so feel free to move it if you think it works better elsewhere.

Blogs and sites about Macedonia:

Canadian Macedonian Historical Society



Pollitecon Publications

Macedonian Brotherhood - This blog belongs to someone on the forums IIRC.


Macedon.wordpress - Some posts with the images recovered: Flag dispute, Manifesto of the temporary Government of Macedonia 1881

Misc. historical texts (original text sometimes available):


Internet Sacred Text Archive


Early Christian Writings - linked to Tatian’s address to the Greeks since it’s the most relevant

Perseus Digital Library - The list is a bit messier than the others so you might have better luck typing in a search in the catalog tab.

Misc. useful stuff:

Wayback Machine/Internet Archive - Find some old, public domain books or see older site pages that are no longer available. Also pop in any link with missing images to see if you can find them in an older version of the page. - another archiving site. It seems you can't archive stuff from there onto Internet Archive. - Useful site for research

Universal Declaration of Human rights (PDF) (downloadable)

Korenine - collection of studies from the International Conference on the Origin of Europeans

The invention of the "Slavic" fairytale, by Basil Chulev [Thread]

Orientalization: Once, Twice, or More? Iranian Elements in the Religion of the Greek Cities of the Northern Black Sea Littoral, by Yulia Ustinova

Modern Greece built on myth, by George Zakardakis - Greek writer detailing the construction of the Greek state in relation to the financial crisis

Before Alexander: Constructing Early Macedonia Publication of the Association of Ancient Historians 6, by Eugene Borza - This one's copyrighted and messages you about it every time you're on the cover page of the document. P. 27-50 in particular has some choice quotes (especially 43).

Pakistan's Hunza: We are proud to be Macedonians and we are not Greek. [Thread]

The ancient Macedonians were not Greeks! by Aleksandar Donski - Also available here

Denial of human rights for Macedonians in Greece

Persecuted ethnonational minorities in the ‘cradle of democracy’

Amnesty International will adopt members of ‘Rainbow’ party as prisoners of conscience in case of imprisonment

Are we Cypriots or are we Greeks? by GK Georgiou

Our DNA looks East, not West, by Elias Hazou - about Cypriots

Concerning the non-Greek origin of Asia Minor, by Lazaris Giannis part 2, part 3 [Thread] - written in Greek

ПРЕСЕЉЕНИЦИ ИЗ МАКЕДОНИЈЕ У РУСКО ЦАРСТВО СРЕДИНОМ 18. ВЕКА, by Milka Zdraveva - Mostly in Serbian but the last page is in english

Digital Atlas of the Roman Empire

Genetic studies:

HLA genes in Macedonians and the sub-Saharan origin of the Greeks - Same study also found here, here, and here in case anyone needs a spare link or just wants more information on where it's been cited.

Distribution of European Y-chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) haplogroups by country in percentage [Thread] - Sample pool is somewhat inconsistent but the data should still be taken into consideration.

Distribution of killer cell immunoglobulinlike receptors in the Macedonian population [Thread] - The study itself is pay-walled so only the abstract is available.

Y-chromosomal analysis of Greek Cypriots reveals a primarily common pre-Ottoman paternal ancestry with Turkish Cypriots

Scribd documents

IDK how its reading trial criteria works but I never started a free trial and it seems to randomly block or allow me to read stuff without any details on what determines that.

18th Century Russian Documents on Macedonians

Confronting Ethnic Cleansing in Tetovo, Macedonia

Bulgarian Falsification of Macedonian History: The Stone Inscriptions Case

Google Books:

In the Shadow of Olympus

Fields of Wheat, Hills of Blood

War in the Balkans: An Encyclopedic History from the Fall of the Ottoman Empire to the Breakup of Yugoslavia - Section on Macedonia starts at P. 174

Censorship of Historical Thought: A World Guide, 1945-2000, by Antoon De Baets - Section on Greece at P. 242-246

Endangered Peoples of Europe: Struggles to Survive and Thrive
- Section on Macedonians in Greece at P. 85-99

The Monthly magazine, Volume 6 by Sir Richard Phillips Sherwood, Gilbert and Piper, 1798 [Thread] - Page 173-174

The Penny cyclopædia of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge Vol. 23-24, by C. Knight, 1842 [Thread] - P. 173

Internet Archive Books:

William Shepherd’s Historical Atlas - Also available on this site [Thread]

Epistolae Ho-Elianae - collection of old letters

Mémoires sur les Turcs et les Tartares - original French version.

Interlinear translation of Homer’s Illiad [Thread]

The History of the works of the learned, or An impartial account of books lately printed in all parts of Europe : with a particular relation of the state of learning in each country
- Relevant section at P. 83 [Thread]

Macedonia - the Cradle of Bogomilism, by Basil Chulev

Old articles only accessible through the wayback machine (links on the page sometimes work so no harm in testing them):

The Greek "province" of Macedonia - fact or fiction? [Thread]

Evidence of the Existence of Macedonians Throughout the Ages, by Risto Stefov [Thread]

Greek Helsinki report on the Arvanites [Thread]

Aegean Macedonians Address To UNHCR Balkan Monitor: News Letter (February 1996)

Christofias returns to a firestorm over ‘invasions’ comment [Thread]

Letter to the Greek Foreign Minister from a Greek Racist Group

I am Macedonian- period! by Risto Stefov [Thread]

Articles by Gandeto

There was nothing Greek about the Ancient Macedonians, by Gandeto [Thread]

Who in this celestial world gave the Greeks the right to take away the Macedonian language, by Gandeto [Thread]

Hellenization of the Ancient Macedonians, by Gandeto [Thread]

Total ignorance or deliberate forgery (Greece - Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) – Rebuttal, by Gandeto [Thread]

Macedonian name for the Macedonians only, by Gandeto [Thread]

When hypocrisy reaches the boiling point, by Gandeto

Why such a virulent hate towards anything Macedonian? by Gandeto [Thread]

Anatomy of a bankrupt ideology, by Gandeto [Thread]

A Greek case of blatant hypocrisy, by Gandeto

Fabricators of Macedonian History: Finally, we have agreed! by Gandeto

AWAC´s attempt to fabricate Macedonian History, by Gandeto

Macedonians in US Army, by Gandeto

Anatomical dissection of a whimsically constructed kingdom of truth, by Gandeto

How Philip II the King of Macedon "united" the Greek city-states, by Gandeto [Thread]

Ancient History Bulletin Macedonians vs Greeks, by Gandeto

Hellenism and its intended objectives in Macedonia! by Gandeto [Thread]

A search for a nation-building material Macedonia vs Greece, by Gandeto

A simple guide to the Macedonian issue (Greece - FYROM dispute) by Gandeto

Macedonia is not Greece´s business, by Gandeto

Demosthenes the "hero" for what he did for Greece, by Gandeto

Demosthenes ´the Greek hero´, or Philip of Macedon the ´unifier´ by Gandeto

Demosthenes and Philip the ´barbarian Part III by Gandeto

Alexander of Macedon and the Greeks, by Gandeto

Macedonians and Greeks, the unfinished saga, by Gandeto

Inappropriate comments by a distinguished professor - rebuttal, by Gandeto - Another archived version

Philip V : My ancestors sent Greece under Macedonian yoke, by Gandeto [Thread]

How the ancient Macedonians viewed the ancient Greeks, by Gandeto

"2,300 years later, 'Alexander-mania' grips Macedonia" by Gandeto [Thread] - Another archive version

Macedonian history must be freed from the absurd Greek attachments, by Gandeto

How long will the Greeks go on lying that there are no ethnic Macedonians living in Greece, by Gandeto [Thread]

Alexander I of Macedon and the "Quote" at Plataea, by Gandeto

The Greek obsession with numbers—the Macedonian language, by Gandeto

Satrapal appointments in Alexander's Empire, by Gandeto

"Call it by any other name, FYROM will be Macedonia" by Gandeto

Educators should keep their noses out of Macedonia´s political issues, by Gandeto

Macedonians: it is time to get the monkey off of our backs, by Gandeto

To the students of Ancient Macedonian History, by Gandeto - Another archived version

To the students of Ancient Macedonian History - part 2, by Gandeto - Another archived version

Who is afraid of Macedonia, by Gandeto

Ethnic Macedonians, by Gandeto [Thread]

Truths and Lies about Macedonia - Part 3 - Rebuttal, by Gandeto [Thread]

To debate (these Greeks) or not to debate – that certainly, is a debatable question! by Gandeto [Thread]

Macedonia was never a part of the ancient Hellenic city-states. by Gandeto

Australia's official stance on the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM): Rebuttal, by Gandeto

AMAC is a propaganda arm of the Greek government, by Gandeto

Alexander the Great from Macedon Theft of a King - How Greeks stole Alexander, by Gandeto

Plutarch´s seven points of interest on Macedonians and Greeks, by Gandeto

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