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Originally Posted by Risto the Great View Post
I wrote some text in maknews about this a couple of years ago.
The second book of Enoch only survived in its Slavonic translation and the story is remarkable. I would love to see a film made about it. The actions of the fallen angels is an awesome plot!
I remember that.

The Book was split up and sent to three different locations, which is why there are different books, to preserve it.

I've read it. It is truly amazing stuff. I can't believe some of the things Enoch says in that book.

Basically, among other things Enoch is taken to Heaven and he describes Heaven, in great detail including the throne of God and God himself, and who he has beside him ...etc. He is taken to Heaven by an Angel.
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Was reading some stuff recently and stumbled back onto this. Though it could do with a bump some 12-13 years later.
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