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Originally Posted by toothpaste View Post
Only some words and place names survived of the paionian language.
Like tilon ,paprax (fish), monapos (bull) ,Bylazora,Astibos,Doberos.

Some names of gods are also known as Dryalus (Dionysus) and Bendis (Artemis).

Some names of kings too:
* Agis
* Lycceius (also Lyppeius or Lycpeius )
* Patraus
* Derronaios
* Dropion
* Audoleon
* Eupolemenos
* Bastareus
* Nicarchus
And names of Paionian tribes:
* Aestraei
* Agrianes
* Laeaeans
* Odomantians
* Paeoplians
* Siropaionians (or Siropaeonians)

Athenaeus (ix. p. 398) implies that their language was similar to Mysian.(this reinforces the probability of connection with the Phrygians).
alot of names ending in -os-us-on-s thus they must also be considered Greek.........
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