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Gocka has much to be proud ofGocka has much to be proud ofGocka has much to be proud ofGocka has much to be proud ofGocka has much to be proud ofGocka has much to be proud ofGocka has much to be proud ofGocka has much to be proud ofGocka has much to be proud of

Spot on. I also always use the French as an example.

The reality is that Europe is probably one of the worlds largest melting pots. Because of its long history, every century brought new invaders, particularly in the Balkans. We are not only one of the oldest inhabited regions in the world, but also at a crossroads of east and west.

We are probably so mixed that its impossible to boil it down to even a few origins, but there is almost no other place in Europe that is any different other than the far northern regions like Scandinavia.

Southern Europe is especially mixed. You had native populations, migrations and invasions from North Africa, Asia, Northern and Western Europe.

In the end, its all meaningless to the concept of nationality and nationhood.

We could be more Greek than the Greeks for all we know, god knows they don't look anything like the people described in their precious history.

Originally Posted by Soldier of Macedon View Post
Various tribes inhabited Macedonia in antiquity and the more prominent among them certainly contributed to the development of a distinct Macedonian nation. But even after that development, Macedonia (and much of the Balkans, for that matter) was invaded by different people during different periods. This doesn't mean the legacy of our earlier ancestors had been wiped out, it just means that other influences also had an impact on the evolution of our culture and DNA. The same can be said for many other peoples. Just one example I have used in the past, the French. Their ancient ancestors had a Celtic origin, their language has a Latin origin, their ethnic name has a Germanic origin and many of their celebrated historical figures have a Scandinavian origin. Yet irrespective of this concoction, nobody seems to have an issue with their national narrative or status as the indigenous population of France. Macedonians should never look at themselves as any less valid despite the deception of our enemies and treachery of our politicians. We are the indigenous people of Macedonia and rightful heirs to that heritage.
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