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Originally Posted by Pelister View Post

I agree with you completely. The use of the term 'Bulgar' discussed in another part of the forum meant different things down the ages. The problem for us has been that modern day Bulgarian nationalists go crazy every time the term 'Bulgar' appears anywhere in the region and seize it with both hands as a sign of nationalism. We have to fight this. Everytime the term 'Bulgar' appears, we have to assume it is going to be interpreted in a nationalist context, which it always us regardless of just how out of context it is taken. And your right about something else. The way the Greek thesis complements the Bulgarian thesis - that means that the Greek misrperesent us as Bulgarians, because then it reduces Macedonia down to a region inhabited mostly by two competing nationals, Bulgarians and Greeks - it completely sidelines or ignores our distinctive culture and langauge. The Bulgarian State doesn't mind, because it keeps their greedy aspirations and propoganda alive too.
Spot on, mate! You nailed it and I agree 100% with your summation.

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