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Le Pen looks like winning. Her gains in the polls have secured her run for the presidency.

French election: Le Pen set to join presidential race

13 March 2012

Far-right leader Marine Le Pen says she has secured the support of the 500 elected officials necessary to stand in the French presidential election.

Rest of article in Link.
The 'grapevine' says that her gains in the polls spooked Sarkozy which lead to the recent shooting in France.

Sarkozy Gains After Shootings as Candidates Resume Campaigning

Mar 22, 2012
French President Nicolas Sarkozy pulled ahead of Socialist Francois Hollande in a poll tracking intentions for the first round of next month’s elections following a spree of terrorist murders that underscored his role as a crisis fighter.

The campaign resumed today after it was suspended in the wake of a March 19 shooting that killed four people, including three children, at a Jewish school in Toulouse. The self- proclaimed assassin, who also shot dead three people last week, has been holed up in his apartment since 3 a.m. yesterday.
Let's hope she wins!
Sarkozy is a scumbag who wasn't even born in France.
The shooter was tracked (read trained) by the government, let loose and then killed by the government and Sarkoy's poll results go up.
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