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Very interesting read.

The Cult of Victimology

At some point in Macedonia, things went terribly, terribly wrong. Maybe it was with the arrival of Lani Guinier, but probably, even long before. The Kosovo bombing was enabled by a slick PR campaign, one that was orchestrated by the US Government, NATO, PR companies and Albanian-American lobby groups. Through exaggeration, repetitious disinformation and even outright deceit, the unmitigated and intrinsic suffering of the Albanian people was driven home again and again. The bombing of Serbia was justified by the logic of humanitarian intervention: the "bomb them in order to save them" rhetoric perfected by the Clinton Administration.

If we can select two of the many unfortunate results of this policy, they are these: the effects Kosovo had on Macedonia and on the psyche of the Albanians living there.

The 2001 war in Macedonia simply could not have happened without the leadership, weapons and manpower supplied from Kosovo. That it was sustained until Macedonia was forced to make humiliating concessions owes partially to the fact that the Albanians won the PR war – by convincing the world that they – as a race – were the perennial victims of "Slav" oppression, whether it come from the Serbs or the hapless Macedonians. However, that was not the end of it: for with the latest poisoning scandal, they appear to have convinced themselves also of their unending victimization.

Symptoms of the Disease

The most striking feature here is that Macedonian Albanians really do seem to believe this. They believe themselves to have suffered as much as have their Kosovar kin, who, according to the mythology, are the province's only victims. Indeed, the mass expulsion of Serbs, Roma, Turks and Muslim Macedonians from Kosovo since 1999, and the destruction of over 100 Orthodox churches there – a still-continuing phenomenon – simply must have been the work of other people.

Never mind that Macedonia was a desperately sought-after ally for the West in 1999. Never mind that its human rights record was lauded as being far better than any of its neighbors: its Albanians were and are victims. Even now, they are still being oppressed – by themselves. Theirs has become a paranoid siege mentality. It states that Albanians are never to blame for their problems – both real and imagined.

Luckily for them (and not so coincidentally), the Western media complied in 2001 by labeling them as victims and Macedonians as "Slavs." But by joining up in the cult of victimology, Albanians have only degraded themselves. By constantly praising America and NATO, and constantly reciting a litany of sufferings, they have successfully avoided their responsibilities to their country and to themselves. They have trapped themselves in a mindset that offers little room for either individual or collective growth and self-respect. Besides, it is painfully embarrassing to watch displays of affection for the US, when they are so obviously staged. Although just a Canadian, war reporter Scott Taylor discovered this during the war, when his feet were washed by initiates of the cult of victimology.
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