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Originally Posted by Pelagonija View Post
Money can be very persuasive, I think the diaspora could have done more post WWII, at the very least did some counter bribing of various politicians at key periods in our history.

It’s too late now, people in NMK are fed up with nationalism. They would choose to speak Albanian or Greek if it opens the doors to a better life.

FYI the KLA was created in Switzerland by expats, they ended up carving out some land from Serbia and made fyrom binational. They were the laughing stock of the Balkans. But they had a plan..
The Norwegian black metal musician ‘Varg’ on his youtube channel talked about when he went to jail in Oslo the majority of the people in prison where Albanians. They would sell drugs and do other criminal activities and send all proceeds to the UCK. The UCK would then use this money to buy weapons from the USA or send money to Albanian-American politicians to ‘persuade’ American politicians to support the Albanian cause. He also mentioned that when he was growing up in Scandinavia it was the Pakistanis who where the biggest criminal element in Scandinavia, and from the late 80s to today it is now the shiptars.

Anyway, you beat me to it. I was going to say the shiptars have done very well as a diaspora, they have really caught up to people such as croats, irish, Italians etc who have a strong and influential diaspora.
Look at the shiptar-american Joe DioGuardi and how influential he is as an American politician. He openly publish’s greater Albanian propaganda as well. Look at the amount of work and money the Albanian American Civic League has done for the shiptars in Kosovo, and now shiptars in Macedonia (this is a party lead and started by the before mentioned Joe DioGuardi).

In comparison what do the Macedonians have? The laughably pathetic UMD? The same jokers who flip flop on their stance and dance to whatever tune their American masters tell them to do? Or if Greece or Bulgaria does something racist what happens? These macedonian organisations just post an angry facebook announcement, wow so scary.

The Macedonians diaspora did a lot to keep the Macedonian identity alive especially in the late 80’s and early 90’s but I feel that maybe they have not ‘advanced’ or updated their strategy with others such as the shiptars. They didn’t play dirty and buy politicians or historians, they didn’t use Australian/American politicians but instead allowed themselves to be used by these politicians. And most importantly, macedonains are notorious for in fighting so all these macedonains groups split up into other small groups with their own direction and goals.

But to be fair, I cant blame the diaspora for giving up – I have heard plenty of stories of money being sent to the republic and it going ‘missing’.

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