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And here is more stupidity from the Theatre Of The Absurd
As stated both my wife and mother have been seriously ill with “Covid” like symptoms for the past week and my wife is still really struggling
Last week she had 2 Covid tests, both came back negative
Prior to her tests she had a doctors appointment booked, contacted her GP’s surgery and informed them of her symptoms. She advised that she was going for a Covid test and would isolate pending results as per so called Public Health Orders and Government advice and direction.
Her GP’s surgery advised that even if her results are negative they would not see her if she has cold/ flu like symptoms
Tomorrow I am going to contact them. I will respectfully advise them that she has 2 negative Covid test results but she obviously needs to see her GP as she is still is sick and that she obviously needs consultation and medication.
If they decline to see her even though she has had 2 negative Covid test results, she followed so called Public Health Orders and current Government direction and advice and isolated into she got said results, then I am going to lambast the hell out of them, inform them that as her GP they have a Duty Of Care to their patient, she does not have Covid and they are in neglect, question the ethical and moral standards of their practice and will take legal action against them. This is getting beyond pathetic when a GP is refusing to see their patients, despite repeated negative Covid test results but has cold/ flu symptoms
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