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If there was one person who is worthy of being credited as the biggest Bulgarian propagandist in internet history it would have to be this guy. He trolls Wikipedia articles relating to Macedonian history and the Macedonians, making sure that it conforms to the Bulgarian paradigm which he has inculcated in people to be the "neutral" view of international scholarship and that the Macedonian view belongs to Communist-influenced fringe theorists in the Republic of Macedonia. There is seemingly not a day that goes by that he doesn't make an edit and this guy has been active for over a decade...

It seems that over the years he has succeeded in virtually ridding Wikipedia of editors contributing information contrary to his beliefs, and he recently created and wrote an article titled "Historiography in the Republic of Macedonia" (July 5) which is little more than a polemic against Macedonian nationhood with a hodgepodge of the same rhetoric and sources he's been touting since I was a contributor back in my high school days.

It is for this these reasons that so many Wikipedia articles in this field read more like an agenda to prove what ethnicity someone was rather than objectively focusing on their merits. I wrote this so you that you may understand what kind of people we're dealing with and why Wikipedia is hardly a reliable place to derive information.

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