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tchaiku 07-31-2017 06:59 AM

How many documents of this forum have been butchered by Photobucket.

tchaiku 08-01-2017 03:11 AM

When the island was occupied by the Greek navy, Greek soldiers were sent to the villages and stationed themselves in the public squares. Some of the children ran to see what these Greek soldiers, these Hellenes, looked like. "What are you looking at?" one of them asked. "At Hellenes," we replied. "Are you not Hellenes yourselves," he retorted. "No, we are Romans."

tchaiku 08-10-2017 12:33 PM

This Ottoman success paved the way for Gazi Hüseyin Pasha, the local commander, to conquer the eastern half of the island, except for the fortress of Siteia. The Venetians and the local population suffered some grievous losses: it is estimated that by 1648, almost 40% of the Cretan population had perished of disease or warfare, and in 1677, the island's pre-war population of ca. [B]260,000[/B] had [B]dropped [/B]to about [B]80,000[/B].

tchaiku 08-12-2017 11:32 AM

[I]''The last six centuries The Venetians thought Crete was [COLOR="Blue"]underpopulated[/COLOR], even though it did not consistently grow enough to feed itself. They encouraged various nations to set up [COLOR="Blue"]colonies[/COLOR]. In 1363 they invited [COLOR="Blue"]Armenians [/COLOR]to settle" In 1416 they transported to Crete a large number of Turkish prisoners-of-war, who two years later were encouraged to send for their families and settle down in the island. [I](The Venetians may have settled more Turks in Crete than the Turks did.)[/I] In the later Venetian period we find a remarkable set of censuses. Governors' reports give apparently exact counts for the whole island or for its four provinces or nineteen districts (exclud-ing Sphakia). The earliest, that of Geronimo Zane in 1534, puts the population of Crete at 175,268, about one-third of what it is today.' The most complete census is that of Castrofilaca in 1583, which gives the number of huomini da !anion, 'men of action' (aged between 15 and 60), of boys, old men, and females, in the cities and in each of 1,073 casali. There are further lists of the number of men owing public services. Can we believe the lists and numbers? According to Bernardo's census of 1536, the village of Gavalokheri (Ap) - to take a typical example - comprised two casali with a total of 172 action-men. Of these, 59 were named Gavalla, including eleven Constantin Gavallas, eight called Janni, and seven called Manoli. It can have been no light matter to keep track of all these Gavallas; and they themselves may not have been over-meticulous about giving information, since being inscribed could have led to an uncom-fortable spell at the oar or digging ditches. To number the people of Crete can never have been a light task, because settlements are not neatly aggregated into villages and ...

tchaiku 08-16-2017 12:30 PM

A Venetian chronicler (Stefano Magno) records that "[B][U]30,000 [/U][/B]Albanian inhabitants in the mountains" of Peloponnese rose against the despot Thomas in 1453. In 1455 the Signory authorized the settlement of more Albanians in its Messenian ...

tchaiku 08-16-2017 12:32 PM

[QUOTE=tchaiku;170055]A Venetian chronicler (Stefano Magno) records that "[B][U]30,000 [/U][/B] Albanian inhabitants in the mountains" of Peloponnese rose against the despot Thomas in 1453. In 1455 the Signory authorized the settlement of more Albanians in its [I]Messenian [/I]colony. [/QUOTE]

tchaiku 08-17-2017 01:18 PM

Small Wallachia (Μικρή Βλαχία; Mikrí vlahía) in Aetolia, Acarnania, [B]Dorida[/B] and [B]Locrida[/B].

tchaiku 08-17-2017 02:34 PM

How many Greek editors does Wiki have?

tchaiku 08-18-2017 02:31 AM

Northern Epirotes:
Ioannis Chalkeus - (Vlach: Joan Chalkeus)
Daniel of Moscopole - (Vlach: Daniil Moscopoleanu)
Theodore Kavalliotis - Teodor Kavalioti (Vlach)
Konstantinos Tzechanis - Constantinus Tzechani (Vlach)
Dimitri Nanopoulos - From a Vlach family of Northern Epirus. (Physicist. He is one of the most regularly cited researchers in the world, cited more than 43,200 times over across a number of separate branches of science.)
Evangelis Zappas (1800–1865) - Vlach
Konstantinos Zappas (1814–1892) -Vlach
George Tenet, former Director of CIA - Albanian
Panagiotis Kone - Albanian
Petros Zappas - Vlach surname.
Nektarios Terpos - Vlach etc.
Plenty of others I can find.

tchaiku 08-20-2017 08:04 AM

The cities along the side that forms the Strait are, first, Messene, and then Tauromenium, Catana, and Syracuse; but those that were between Catana and Syracuse have disappeared—Naxus and Megara; and on this coast are the outlets of the Symaethus and all rivers that flow down from Aetna and have good harbors at their mouths; and here too is the promontory of Xiphonia. According to Ephorus these were the earliest Greek cities to be founded in Sicily, that is, in the tenth generation after the Trojan war; for before that time men were so afraid of the bands of Tyrrhenian pirates and the savagery of the barbarians in this region that they would not so much as sail thither for trafficking; but though Theocles, the Athenian, borne out of his course by the winds to Sicily, clearly perceived both the weakness of the peoples and the excellence of the soil, yet, when he went back, he could not persuade the Athenians, and hence took as partners a considerable number of Euboean Chalcidians and some Ionians and also some Dorians (most of whom were Megarians) and made the voyage; so the Chalcidians founded Naxus, whereas the Dorians founded Megara, which in earlier times had been called Hybla. The cities no longer exist, it is true, but the name of Hybla still endures, because of the excellence of the Hyblaean honey.

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