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Frank 03-27-2010 11:29 PM

A reminder to all donít advertise this why

Because it has happened before and it isnít our task to do so

The Response by the Macedonian Govt NIL

On this occasion again the Albanian FM was very quick to respond

Still NOTHING for the Macedonian Govt.

Phoenix 03-27-2010 11:33 PM

[QUOTE=Volk;44773]If this was Macedonian army there would be an economic embargo on us... headline news...

The government needs to react very loudly over issues like this...[/QUOTE]

This is where I'd like to see a unified protest from the governments of Macedonia, Turkey and Albania to the NATO chief of staff.

NATO can only operate in the field as a unified force of equal nations, not having parades of greek bananas vilifying member countries (Turkey and Albania) as well as partner countries like Macedonia.

fyrOM 03-28-2010 12:51 AM

Osiris I only meant wrong in that only the very young have been duped into believing the Greek lie. On a different forum a greek said I was lying that Macedonia was a dirty word in Greece until 1988 when everything was overnight changed from province of northern Greece to Macedonia. He was claiming to have lived in Macedonia Greece all his life and had only ever seen it called Macedonia and every Greek was proud of that name and had always been proud of it. Lol.

Everybody else in Greece knows the attempts to exterminate the Macedonians and the mass migration of Christian Turks to Macedonia to populate the now vacant villages. Just hear a Greek say the word Metaxas and see the instant glee in their face like they heard they won the lotto. They know everything they have done and the lies to justify their actions in collaboration with the west. Sadly it is the lies repeated in the westís schools that has almost extinguished our identity so that people unrelated to this issue instantly assume your Greek if you answer you are Macedonian and the look at you like an absolute moron if you say it doesnít mean Greek. Its as if you said the world was flat and your defending your point on a given fact that the whole world know the world is round. I only meant wrong in a partial extent that only the very young are duped as you say the rest know full well what they have done so your not really wrong I just took it that way at the time. The Greek lie is a sore point with me. You may have noticed how many posts I have added to the thread Greece is ready to explode. I truly want the place to self blow up. I know there are some good Greeks but the majority I have encountered have not been good and it is what has formed my opinion about Greeks.

osiris 03-28-2010 02:02 AM

i think you have misunderstood my pots or i have not been able to express myself adequately its everyone in greece ozimak i have lived there and i know them well.

there are a few good greeks but even they are often blind to their bullshit. anyway mate its not my intent to argue with fellow patriots so keep up the great posts and free to criticize me anytime we can all be wrong.

ps can you give me the link to the above so i can send it to a friend of mine in greece

fyrOM 03-28-2010 03:01 AM

Osiris in RTGs thread [B]News and Politics[/B] [B][I]EU Macedonian relations[/I][/B] I have posted the link and how you can find the link on any video clip you come across in the future and how you can download it if you want.

Here it is again anyway. The leading mmm are only so the links words show up. For some reason when I did the link in my post in RTGs thread above the forum program displayed the video clip and not just the words of the link so you will need to delete them after you paste it into your browser.


Lets hope providence bears fruit and annihilates our enemies who openly call for our death.

osiris 03-28-2010 03:04 AM

thanks ozimak i appreciate your effort

fyrOM 03-28-2010 03:08 AM

PS Osiris if you donít already have it you will need the VLC Media Player from [url][/url] if you want to play downloaded you tube clips later.

I of Macedon 03-28-2010 11:10 AM


The Macedonian ministry of foreign affairs calls up the Greek ambassador to Macedonia, Alexandra Papadopoulou for a conversation tomorrow because of the racist and anti-Macedonian chants by the Greek army in the independence day parade held in Athens.

At the meeting with deputy minister Zoran Petrov, Macedonia will leave a protest note and will ask for a formal apology, according to MIA news agency.

Governmental spokesman Martin Martinovski said at a press conference today that the racist and anti-Macedonian chants do not contribute in any way to building proper neighbourly relations.

"I dont want to comment too much, but as a principle we judge every manifestation which supports hatred. This will not contribute to the spirit of building good relations with our neighbour", said Martinovski.

"They are Skopians, they are Albanians, we will make new clothes from their skin", was one of the chants by a unit of Greek soldiers at the parade.

Greek press reports that the officer of the unit has been suspended and there will be punishments for the soldiers. The minister of civil protection ordered a research and said that no one has the right to spread hatred and xenophobia.

The Albanian government has also expressed that they will protest to the Greek government.


fyrOM 03-28-2010 01:20 PM

The government spokesman Martin Martinovski and the government can fck themselves with the Greek ambassador. When are they going to get it they are not dealing with a country alone. Greece is part of the eu. If Greece does something treat it as the eu did it and complain there directly and loudly in every department and office they can. Dealing directly with Greece is useless. They will only wipe their backsides with the Macedonian words. Do you think anyone is really going to be punished. Publicly yes but then quietly they will be rehired elsewhere because the Greek government personally believes this message otherwise it would never have happened let alone be a repeat of similar events in the past. Their toughs are black and blue from biting on it to stop themselves publicly repeating these politically incorrect words. Why do you think they were said in the first place. To encourage such sentiment in Greece and instil fear in the Macedonians in Greece and Macedonia allthewhile knowing they will be called to apologies. Big sorry big deal. But they still got to achieve there agenda of stirring fear. The Macedonian government should be demanding from the eu what are they going to do about it and what are they going to do to prevent future repeats. For fck sake we are given a perfect opportunity to stick a civia in their ie greek and eu pressure on Macedonia and the first thing the government does is flick a wave from a weak wrist and say oh behave.:6::stupid::blink:

fyrOM 03-28-2010 01:24 PM

spell check error
[B][I]Their toughs[/I][/B] should be [B]their tongues[/B]

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