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Areianos 09-06-2008 04:05 AM

Why is it senseless?

I don't understand your rationale.

Risto the Great 09-06-2008 04:06 AM

Pick one.
Are you an ethnic Greek or an ethnic Macedonian?

Areianos 09-06-2008 04:07 AM

What is an Athenian?

Risto the Great 09-06-2008 04:09 AM

I am one ethnicity.
What are you?

Areianos 09-06-2008 04:10 AM

It depends in the context.

In Australia I'll say I am a Melbournian

In Greece I'll say I am Macedonian.

If anyone asks which part of Greece I say Macedonia.

Petros Houhoulis 09-06-2008 04:21 AM

[QUOTE=Daskalot;854]Of course there were people only relating to their village/town/religion, so was the case in the young Hellenic kingdom as well.

The national awakening process was identical all over Europe.

This does not make the Macedonians less Macedonian nor does it make the Greeks less Greek.[/QUOTE]

Nope! Only the parts of the former Ottoman empire and East Roman empire were absolutely defined by religion for almost 2 millenia. While in the west there were countries like England and France much before the rise of nationalism, in the Balkans, the Eastern Roman empire was still a large multiethnic state whose cohesive element was the religion. When the Ottomans took over they kept the same system, and the people were classified according to religion for purposes of taxation and military service. No other European state practiced such segregation, although many expelled religious minorities (Jews from Spain, Hugenots from France e.t.c.)

Thus, the Balkans had a different national awakening process. The Croats differ from the Serbs mainly in terms of religion. your Torbeshi were still identifying themselves as Albanians until recently and the Pomaks have better relations with the Turks rather than with the Bulgarians. Greece was not the only Balkan state where religion mattered...

...So, with the religion at such an important role and little cultural differences beyond the language, it is no surprise that religious affiliation played a more important role than language...

osiris 09-06-2008 04:28 AM

so whats your point petros, come out with it.

osiris 09-06-2008 04:30 AM

what racial slurs are you in wonderland.

Petros Houhoulis 09-06-2008 04:48 AM

[QUOTE=osiris;909]so whats your point petros, come out with it.[/QUOTE]

My point is that religion was more important as a criterion for ones' ethnicity in the Balkans than the language.

This is the only way one can explain the split between Serbs and Croats, Bulgarians and Pomaks, Greek (Christian) Cretans and "Turk" (Greek speaking Muslim) Cretans and so on...)

Petros Houhoulis 09-06-2008 04:50 AM

[QUOTE=Risto the Great;859]Whatever floats your boat.
Lesson number one:
[I]Alexander loved the Persians so much that he adopted much of their culture.[/I]

Go for it.[/QUOTE]

Alexander adopted from every culture. In Egypt he was a Pharaoh, in Persia he was a Persian king demanding his subjects to bow in front of him. In language though, he spoke Greek...

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