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Carlin15 10-30-2020 12:07 AM

[I]Modern Greeks are delusional hypocrites[/I]

Amphipolis 10-30-2020 02:29 AM

[QUOTE=Carlin15;183998][I]Modern Greeks are delusional hypocrites[/I]

So, who/what is this guy?

Carlin15 11-01-2020 08:03 AM

[QUOTE=Amphipolis;184000]So, who/what is this guy?[/QUOTE]

Don't know.

1947 - The American proposal to ethnically cleanse Greece - removal of all its Macedonian & Albanian minorities via population exchanges condemned in UN Special commission for the Balkans


Carlin15 01-02-2021 12:04 AM


“I shall not describe,” says Strabo, “Epirus and its surroundings, because these regions are entirely deserted."

Risto the Great 01-02-2021 02:33 AM

[QUOTE=Carlin15;184012]Don't know.

1947 - The American proposal to ethnically cleanse Greece - removal of all its Macedonian & Albanian minorities via population exchanges condemned in UN Special commission for the Balkans


\ , i
Pole-Slav Attack
At U.N.O.
LAKE SUCCESS, July 18. Doctor Lange (Poland) resumed the debate on the Balkans in the Security Council to-day. He joined Russia in vigorously attacking Greece.
Dr. Lange attacked the majority report of the United Nations Balkan Investigating Commission which had blamed Albania, Bulgaria, and Yugoslavia for the Greek border disturbances.
Dr. Lange said the Commission's conclusions sounded as if they had been drafted for political purposes. Greece was wholly to blame for the present disorders and he demanded the formation of a new coalition government, new elections and an immediate withdrawal of foreign military personnel.
Dr. Lange said the Security Council should insist that Greece end its seven year old
state of war with Albania, as that was one of the causes of the current strife.
Dr. Jose Vllfan (Yugoslavia), supported Russia and Poland in condemning Greece. Dr. Vilfan said the border patrol plan proposed by the United States would violate the United Nations Charter and would be practically futile. He declared that the realisation of the United States' resolution would mean the weakening of the United Nations.
Dr. VilfeD said the American proposal for the exchange of Albanian and Macedonian minorities In the Balkans was particularly unacceptable to Yugoslavia.
Dr. Vllfan spoke for an hour.
The Assistant Secretary. GeneralIvan Kermo and President Lange, suggested, to save time, the French translation be omitted. French officials agreed, but M. Gromyko and Dr. Vilfan objected.
Mr. Gromyko .in a 45-minute-speech, attacked the United States plan for ? frontier commission to patrol the troubled Balkan frontiers.
He said Russia could not agree to such a commission which would be a sharp breach of the United Nations Charters None of the Balkan nations would be bound to comply with orders of a Commission, even if one were established bv Uic Council.
The American deputy delegate. Mr. Herschel Johnson. umed that the general debate be closed In order that the Council might reach a decision. Dr. Lange, who Is the Council chairman, ruled that the debate would be closed only if there were no speakers when the Council re-assembles on the morning of July 18.
In response to protests by Sir Alexander Cad 'can (Britain), and Colonel Hodgson (Australia), Dr. Lance agreed to withdraw the asiflrtion lie made that members of the Commission. were for some extraneous reasons, compelled to establish a verdict of guilty strains! Greece's northern neighbours, In spite of their inability to prove it.
Colonel Hodgson in his protest, described this as the most insulting remark ever made In the Council, against the Governments of other Council
The American Press Athens correspondent says the Communist newspaper. 'Eleftheri Ellada,' quoted a broadcast from the Guerrilla radio saying it was essential to create an Independent Communist Government in 'the free regions' of Greece. The radio said the Guerrille leader, General Markos, had announced that the Guerrillas were willing to come to terms with the Greek Government
if their demansd were met. Reuter's Athens representative says the Government troops In a Dincer attack from the north and south, are attempting to cut off guerrillas retreating towards the Grammas and Pindus mountains after their defeat near Konitze.

The Greek newsagency said the guerrillas are hiding in smell parties in the woods and ravines, avoiding any pitched battle They are being continuously attacked from the air.
The American Press Athens correspondent says official reports said that 210 guerrillas were killed, ISO wounded and 14 taken prlsnner, and 50 surrendered in the Hist week of July..

For the benefit of posterity.

tchaiku 01-02-2021 08:06 PM


“I shall not describe,” says Strabo, “Epirus and its surroundings, because these regions are entirely deserted."[/QUOTE]

Some historians agrue the Slavic invasion of Greece was mostly Slavs running into empty lands and finding no one to slaughter.

Soldier of Macedon 01-02-2021 09:53 PM

[QUOTE=tchaiku;184343]Some historians agrue the Slavic invasion of Greece was mostly Slavs running into empty lands and finding no one to slaughter.[/QUOTE]
Which historians argue that?

tchaiku 01-03-2021 01:01 PM

[QUOTE=Soldier of Macedon;184344]Which historians argue that?[/QUOTE]

Greece was hit by the plague in early Dark Ages and was also depopulated during the Roman control in antiquity.
So the conclusion makes sense.

"Empty districts were thus left free to be colonized by the Slavs who now pressed southwards in greater numbers than ever . In the words of ..."
Christopher Montague Woodhouse 1967 refer to Greece.

There are probably many more but this one came across first.

Carlin15 01-03-2021 08:25 PM

1) An Epitome of the Civil and Literary Chronology of Greece: From the Earliest ... By Henry Fynes Clinton


:excl: Page 293:

<Of [B]Boeotia[/B] Strabo remarks, that "[B]Thebes scarcely retains the form of a tolerable village[/B]; and the other cities are analogous to this, except Tanagra and Thespiae, for these hold together tolerably in comparison to Thebes." "Thespiae and Tanagra," he observes in another place, "alone subsist. Of the others the ruins and the names alone remain." [B]Thebes in the time of Dio still continued desolate.[/B]

[B]Thessaly in the time of Trajan was "desolate", Arcadia "depopulated".[/B] The desolation of Arcadia in the reign of Augustus is strongly marked by Strabo. "Megalopolis," he observes, "is in the state described by the comic poet; [I]The great city is a great solitude[/I]." To the same purpose Pausanias in the age of Antonines: "Megalopolis has been deprived of all her ornaments and ancient opulence."

Laconia was favoured by Augustus, who erected 24 towns into an independent community, yet Strabo found only 30 towns in all Laconia. Acarnania and Aetolia were not very prosperous.>

2) Edinburgh History of the Greeks, 1453 to 1768 By Molly Greene


:excl: Thessaly and Boeotia:

<[B]The depopulation of the plain is evoked by the fact that the archbishopric of Larissa had been deserted for several generations by the time Evrenos Bey arrived[/B], as successive archbishops took refuge in Trikala, further west and closer to the mightly Pindos mountains. The church itself had been taken over by outlaws. Further south in Boeotia, records suggest that the entire kaza (district) of Thebes, an area of roughly 500 square miles, contained only one town and six villages in 1400.>

[Brutal. "Successive" archbishops were taking refuge in compact Christian Vlach-Arman regions: [I]in Trikala, further west and closer to the mightly Pindos mountains[/I].]

Carlin15 01-03-2021 11:42 PM

1908 British pundit in the Australian colonial press writes:

"Fine stalwart fellows are many of the royal guard, the "euzonoi" ... but their origin is apt to be Albanian or Vlach rather than ordinary "Greek." Fiery as is the modern Greek for the claims of his assumed descent and valuable as such stimulus may be, the fact cannot be blinked that the population now speaking Greek is one of the most mixed upon the surface of the globe."


Carlin15 01-04-2021 03:22 PM

"The resistance offered by the Cretans was so determined that the island was almost depopulated before it could be conquered."

Page 22; Greece under the Romans, Volume 1

Carlin15 02-28-2021 03:23 PM

The East and the West - Page 49, published 1868:

"... their character, their aspirations, with the mongrel subjects of the Porte, who are [B]the descendants of the Genovese, Venetian or French settlers in the Levant, and how, [U]though they use the Romaic as their vernacular[/U], disdain to be called Greek[/B], but classify themselves, by a religions instand of a national distinction, as Catholics."

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