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TrueMacedonian 03-11-2009 03:32 PM

Croatian Helsinki Group 'greeks are nationalist idiots' lol
[url=]YouTube - Helsinki Committee for Human Rights & name issue[/url]


Soldier of Macedon 03-13-2009 05:22 AM

Excellent statement.

Soldier of Macedon 07-06-2009 08:00 AM

Macedonia-Croatia Relations

5 June, 2009.
[QUOTE]Croatian Foreign Affairs Minister Gordan Jandrokovic held a bilateral meeting with his Macedonian counterpart Antonio Milososki on the margins of the South East European Co-operation Process (SEECP) conference, the Croatian Foreign Ministry confirms.

Jandrokovic voiced satisfaction with highly friendly Croatian-Macedonian relations, as well as with the collaboration in the Council for Regional Co-Operation. He also expressed conviction that both countries would continue contributing to the general development of the region through regional projects and initiatives started under the sponsorship of the Council.

The Croatian head of diplomacy congratulated Macedonia on the successful elections, as assessments which Macedonia received in the European Commission report on the preparation of West Balkan countries for the visa free regime of the European Union.

Croatia supports Macedonia on its path towards NATO

Jandrokovic pointed out that Macedonia has the support of Croatia for NATO accession, reminding of their collaboration in the ISAF mission in Afghanistan.

Speaking of Croatia`s European Union accession talks, he pointed out that they hold strategic meaning for other region countries as well, and that their continuation was important not just for the stability and the future of the region, but for the construction of the European project as a whole.

According to Jandrokovic, Croatia is prepared to help Macedonia with its experience in the EU accession process. [B][U]He added that Croatia has no intention of introducing bilateral issues in the accession process or use the process to resolve them.[/U][/B]

The two ministers discussed the global economic crisis and its affect on Croatia and Macedonia. They agreed that agreeing to increase joint economic co-operation, the negative effects of the crisis would be easily prevailed and that the free trade issue was essential for the region`s economic stability.

The need to raise standards and quality in production of agricultural and other products was emphasised.

The two ministers also discussed the need to speed up the succession process and the previously agreed process of returning property of the former Yugoslavia, the announcement reads.[/QUOTE]
The way it should be. Croatians are good and solid friends of the Macedonians.

Prolet 09-21-2010 09:23 PM

Mak Embassy in Croatia donates 130 volumes to Zagreb National University Library
This is fantastic, the Croatian Universities have been openly supportive of our literature and many of our famous writers and Poets have published books in Zagreb.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Macedonia's Embassy to Croatia donated Monday 130 volumes of Macedonian literature and culture to Zagreb-based National University Library.

The donation is part of a Government project implemented by the Macedonian Writers' Association.

Ambassador Danco Markovski stressed the project aims at presenting the rich and layered image of achievements and value of Macedonian literature, culture and tradition from St.Clement until the present.

"The 130 volumes of Macedonian literature legitimize the cultural identity of Macedonian citizens as part of the European and global culture, whereas the National University Library in Zagreb, which has played a significant role in the sphere of education, social development, research and preservation of the written word in Croatia's cultural heritage, is the rightful place where these books will be available all readers", said Markovski.

The project foresees donation of additional 130 volumes to the Macedonian Language Department at the Rijeka University, Macedonian Language Department at the Zagreb Faculty of Philosophy, and the Osijek University.


Soldier of Macedon 06-11-2021 07:59 AM

Somewhat old news, but this lady deserves acknowledgement. Unsurprisingly, Marijana Petir, a Croatian MEP, is viewed with disdain by the northadonian traitors in Macedonia.


The creation of an informal “Friends of Macedonia” group in the European Parliament has triggered strong reactions among Greek MEPs, who said that the EU’s door was closed for Skopje. Although Macedonia is recognised as the country’s constitutional name by most EU countries, the name dispute with Greece has blocked the country’s membership of both the EU and NATO [See background]. The Informal Friendship group in the European Parliament – “Friends of Macedonia” was formed for the first time during the previous mandate of the European Parliament, 2009-2014. The group is composed of MEPs from various political groups who are supporters of the European integration path of the Balkan country. Its goal is to increase the country’s visibility within the European Parliament. Marijana Petir, a Croatian MEP from the European People’s Party, took the initiative to revive the informal group, a move strongly opposed by her Greek colleagues in the EU Parliament. Petir told EURACTIV that the EU “must officially open accession negotiations with Macedonia” as the country was ready to do so. “I strongly believe that this will occur soon,” she stressed, adding that all the reports so far have indicated that Skopje is making continuous progress. Referring to the name dispute with Athens, she noted that it should be solved “in parallel with the harmonisation of Macedonian legislation to the EU”. “I invite MEP colleagues from Greece to join us in the constructive debate, which would contribute to Macedonian’s future in the EU,” the Croatian MEP noted.[/QUOTE]


Macedonia is our friendly country where parliamentary elections will be held soon, the former MEP from Croatia and a great friend of Macedonia, Marijana Petir said on Monday. I wish the citizens of Macedonia to choose those politicians who will take care of the protection of the sovereignty of the state and the preservation of the identity of the people, and who will give young people the perspective to stay in their homeland, Petir tweeted. She is one of the sincere Croatian and European politicians, who in the past years openly advocated for the preservation of the constitutional name of the Republic of Macedonia and the preservation of the identity of the Macedonians.[/QUOTE]


Marijana Petir a member of the EU Parliament has been removed from the parliamentarian group “Friends of Macedonia”, by request of the Macedonian government, reports the news portal The representative of the Croatian Peasant Party in the EU Parliament, Ms. Petir is known to the Macedonian public for being one of the rare voices to oppose attacks by Greek MPs in the EU Parliament and is a general defender of Macedonian identity. In 2016 she restarted the parliamentary group which numbers 20 representatives, however, she hasn’t been treated with the deserved respect by representatives of the Macedonian government led by SDSM. In a statement for, Petir says that the government doesn’t communicate with people who don’t share the same views as them. The government hasn’t contacted her in months, despite paying regular visits to institutions and bodies of the EU. Petir adds that she was contacted by her secretary that a new parliamentary group for Macedonia is being formed in the EU Parliament, to which she hasn’t been invited to join. Petir says she couldn’t stand from the side and watch Macedonia suffer from the injustices that are being prepared by adversarial groups, which is why she has been a staunch supporter of the country. “I believe that the Macedonian people deserve respect and justice – they deserve to be citizens of the EU and part of the European family to which they can bring their full identity,” states Petir for the news portal. With the unrighteous and damaging removal of Mariana Petir from the parliamentarian group dedicated to Macedonia, the Macedonian people and country have lost one of the rare conscientious voices who aren’t afraid to stand up for justice and tolerance.[/QUOTE]

Risto the Great 06-11-2021 03:50 PM

Petir should be running Macedonia. She is more useful to Macedonia than Zaev.

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