Golden Mask and Glove to be show in an exhibition in Holland

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    Golden Mask and Glove to be show in an exhibition in Holland

    There will be many artifacts on show in Holland, the exhibition will last 3 months. I think the name of the city is Utrecht.

    Golden Mask Set to Leave Macedonia for First Time
    Tuesday, 04 January 2011

    A gold mask, which was unearthed by archaeologists a couple of years ago at a site near Ohrid's Fortress of Samuil, will leave Macedonia for the first time to be displayed at an exhibition in the Netherlands together with about hundreds of valuable archaeological items from the Macedonian cultural and historical heritage.

    Several rare icons from Ohrid are to be also displayed at an exibit titled "Christianity in Macedonia", which will be opened in the Dutch city of Utrecht as of Feb. 8. The exhibit will include original works of art and archaeological items that are invaluable, thus they have been insured at Euro 139 million.

    The exhibit is scheduled to run for three months and visitors will have a rare chance to see unique items, which are part of the Macedonian history, culture and art.

    Amongst other things, the exhibit is expected to encourage the Dutch to visit Macedonia especially during the summer tourist season.

    МАКЕДОНЕЦ си кога кавал ќе ти ја распара душата,зурла ќе ти го раскине срцето,кога секое влакно од кожата ќе ти се наежи кога ќе видиш шеснаесеткрако сонце,кога до коска ќе те заболи кога ќе слушнеш ПЈРМ,кога немаш ни за леб,а полн си во душата затоа што ја сакаш МАКЕДОНИЈА. МАКЕДОНИЈА во срце те носиме.