Judge blocks 14-year-old girl's arranged marriage

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  • Risto the Great
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    How do the girls feel about it Deni?
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    • Дени
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      Originally posted by Risto the Great View Post
      How do the girls feel about it Deni?
      The youngest of the girls (she was 18 when she first arrived in early 2009) was most concerned that her now-husband was unattractive for her preferences. She didn't seem to truly understand what was done to her. She is, however, unhappy and powerless. Apparently it's a common practice in Korca, and her mother was given away to her father much in the same way.

      I asked her why she hasn't gone back to Korca if she isn't happy. She told me her father would kill her and I didn't get the impression she meant it figuratively!

      I even got to see pictures of her village and home, and it was primitive in comparison to Bukovo.

      I was only briefly introduced to the other two (who were in their late 20s, if I remember correctly).

      You know, I often protested: my neighbors would then say, "what does she expect? She just arrived and has barely learned the language! A marriage needs to be built".
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