The Macedonian Minority in Bulgaria

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  • Onur
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    • Apr 2010
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    Bulgaria by 2050 = First ever Gypsy state in the world!!!

    Scientists Raise Alarm over Apocalyptic Scenario for Bulgarian Ethnicity

    The Center for Demographic Policy in Sofia has alarmed that by 2050, ethnic Bulgarians would have become a minority in their own country.

    Prof. Petar Ivanov from the Center has presented projections that the ethnic Bulgarians might decline to 800 000 in 2050. At the same time, there will be 3.5 million Roma and 1.2 million ethnic Turks in the country, he says as cited by the Trud Daily in an alarmist front page article.

    If the current demographic rates are preserved, the Center has estimated that in 2100 there will be only 300 000 ethnic Bulgarians in Bulgaria, 8 million Roma, and 1.5 million ethnic Turks.

    The Center for Demographic Policy refers to census statistics from the beginning of the 20th century showing that around 1900 there were 2.9 million ethnic Bulgarians, 800 000 ethnic Turks, and 60 000 ethnic Roma.

    At present the ethnic Bulgarians in Bulgaria are estimated at 5 million, the ethnic Turks at around 1 million, and the Roma at 1 million, according to the center.

    Trendafil Mitev, a political science professor at the University for National and World Economy in Sofia is cited as saying that the Bulgarian politicians appear to be helpless before the demographic crisis.

    According to the dean of the Geography Department at Sofia University Petar Slaveykov, the demographic situation will lead to huge issues in the educational system and the science and creative potential of the country.

    The Center uniting scientists, university professors and public figures is working on a strategy to avoid what has been described as a possible demographic catastrophe.

    The organization has demanded a special institution to take care of ethnic Bulgarians, warning that at present there are institutions taking care only of the groups classified as ethnic minorities. It has also submitted a letter to Prime Minister Boyko Borisov warning him about the problem.

    November 22, 2010

    It looks like we will have our very first Gypsy state in the world by 2050!!! and they will be EU member too!!! Hurrayyy!!!

    Actually, when i think about it, it would be awesome! Bulgaria can be the new Goa(India) of Europe where you can eat, drink, smoke pot and dance for 24/7 and i am sure that new Gypsy Bulgaria can be more useful to the humanity than the old one by their contribution to the world music and entertainment, lol

    Also, a gypsy representative who can stand by Sarkozy in the EU parliament would be hilarious too!!! They can cheer people up in the parliament with their zurna and davul. Maybe this can be the magic for the new Dutch and Austrian fascist parties!!! Dont you think that the Bulgarian diva Azis can soothe the things with Austrian fascists??

    Tbh, a country for all the gypsies in Europe sounds quite nice too!! This can solve the Gypsy problem in every European nation. Maybe this was the ultimate secret plan of Sarkozy for getting Bulgaria in to the EU eh? To encourage all 5 million Gypsy in Europe to migrate in to Bulgaria, to the new Gypsy state??!!! Who knows!!!!

    BUT, Hurray for the Gypsies!!

    Also you should read this comment from a Bulgar;
    Author: mrgay

    funny thing is Turkey will likely adminster the old Bulgarians lands and then Turks will have a big big problem, THEY will have 3 millions gypsies on their territory who in another 50 years will conqeor all Turkish lands, seems Gypsies will rule most the world! the first world conquest only from social welfare, amazing how stupid is humanity!
    mrgay, haha, Gypsies conquering the world by using EU social welfare system, LOL!!!!
    Btw, it`s funny to read that this mrgay the Bulgar supposedly discovered the one and only "positive" side of this Gypsy domination in Bulgaria for them. He says that if they conquer Bulgaria, then they can conquer Turkey too!!! ROFL!!
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    • Phoenix
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      • Dec 2008
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      Bulgaria is a gypsy state already...


      • Daniel the Great
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        • Nov 2009
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        Originally posted by Phoenix View Post
        Bulgaria is a gypsy state already...

        Yes they are but it looks like that is going to be official in the near future.


        • Pelister
          Senior Member
          • Sep 2008
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          Surely the number of Gypsies is not the result of natural birthrate, 60,000 - 1 mil? I had no idea there were over a million ethnic Turks in Bulgaria, a few more million of each and Bulgaria will be in serious trouble.


          • The LION will ROAR
            Senior Member
            • Jan 2009
            • 3231

            Lefts hope the Gypies when in power give back Pirin back to their rightful owners..
            The Macedonians originates it, the Bulgarians imitate it and the Greeks exploit it!


            • EgejskaMakedonia
              Senior Member
              • Jan 2010
              • 1665

              If there are currently 5 million ethnic Bulgarians in Bulgaria, I find it extremely hard to believe that there will only be around 800,000 left in 40 years time.
              Unless the life expectancy in Bulgaria is on par with some African nations, and the gypsies mix with the ethnic Bulgarians and eventually extinguish their identity, I find this very hard to believe.

              Gypsies are renowned to breed like rabbits, but to increase their numbers by that proportion and to overtake the main ethnic group in hte country is pretty stupid. Maybe in the long-term, but not in 40 years.

              Maybe if the gypsies do take over Bulgaria, they will seek help on running 'their' country and give us back Pirin to manage.


              • julie
                Senior Member
                • May 2009
                • 3869

                Power to the gypsies, may Pirin be under Macedonia again !!
                "The moral revolution - the revolution of the mind, heart and soul of an enslaved people, is our greatest task."__________________Gotse Delchev


                • TrueMacedonian
                  • Jan 2009
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                  Power to the gypsies, may Pirin be under Macedonia again !!
                  Here, here


                  • George S.
                    Senior Member
                    • Aug 2009
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                    well every dog will have his day.
                    "Ido not want an uprising of people that would leave me at the first failure, I want revolution with citizens able to bear all the temptations to a prolonged struggle, what, because of the fierce political conditions, will be our guide or cattle to the slaughterhouse"
                    GOTSE DELCEV


                    • DirtyCodingHabitz
                      • Sep 2010
                      • 835

                      If there are currently 5 million ethnic Bulgarians in Bulgaria
                      Don't forget that they count Macedonians as ethnic bulgarians. They could be counting other minorities as ethnic bulgarians so they have bigger number in the statistics.

                      I find it extremely hard to believe that there will only be around 800,000 left in 40 years time.
                      Thousands and thousands of bulgarians are leaving the country just like Macedonians are leaving Macedonia. Macedonia will become shiptar majority by 2050 because their birth rate is a lot higher and they pay/brainwash other minorities to identify themselves as ethnic albanians.

                      So don't get your hopes up and think that we are gonna get Pirin back. First you need to think how are we going to survive the "greater albania propaganda" and the next war to keep our country and deport shiptars that think about doing bad stuff to Macedonia and Macedonians.


                      • MKPrilep
                        • Mar 2009
                        • 284

                        vo pravo si DirtyCodingHabitz
                        iskreno neznam zosto tolku mnogu se raduvate
                        oti za steta kaj nas ne e poarno
                        samo albancite i ciganite dobivat deca
                        nasite maksilmano 1 do 2, ako se odlucat da dobivat
                        a tie do 5 sekako
                        nikogas nema da gi stasame
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                        • Onur
                          Senior Member
                          • Apr 2010
                          • 2389

                          Originally posted by Pelister View Post
                          I had no idea there were over a million ethnic Turks in Bulgaria, a few more million of each and Bulgaria will be in serious trouble.
                          There was about one million Turks in Bulgaria 100 years ago too but Bulgarians always managed to keep the number of Turks below one million by doing ethnic cleansing in every 30-40 years of periods.

                          About 500.000 people immigrated to Turkey from Bulgaria in Balkan wars, then about same number of people immigrated into western Europe and Turkey to escape from communist regime after few decades and finally, they`ve forcefully expelled about 350.000 of them in 1989. They expelled the ones who didn't obey their assimilation attempts. After the expulsion, they changed the names of remaining 400.000 Turks with slavic names in an overnight.

                          So, Bulgarians always concentrated on keeping the number of Turks low in their country but it looks like they forgot the Gypsies

                          Originally posted by DirtyCodingHabitz View Post
                          Don't forget that they count Macedonians as ethnic bulgarians. They could be counting other minorities as ethnic bulgarians so they have bigger number in the statistics.
                          You are right. That number, five million Bulgarians includes Gagauz Turks, Pomaks, Macedonians and other non-Bulgar people too. So we can surely say that the Bulgars are no more than four million in Bulgaria and these people are mostly elders.

                          Btw, their demographic catastrophe was the reason of their sale of BG passports to Macedonians and Gagauz in Moldavia. They think that they can improve the rate of Bulgars by inviting 1000s of Macedonians and Gagauz to Bulgaria but i think this wont help them either cuz these people just see BG passport as a step to go western Europe and they wont stay in Bulgaria either, just like the most of young Bulgarians.

                          So, they are in deep trouble.


                          • fyrOM
                            • Feb 2010
                            • 2180

                            Haha. The Bulgarians are already gypsies. A country just for gypsies as suggested as an alterior motive would not work because the country has limited resources and could only sustain leaching off it for a limited time so they would need to go to the west to find another teat to suckle from. Unless ofcourse the west realising this would rather keep funding their welfare so long as they just stay away.


                            • Onur
                              Senior Member
                              • Apr 2010
                              • 2389

                              Btw, another interesting point about the Turks in Bulgaria;

                              IMHO, as much as they wanna prepare another exodus for the Turks in Bulgaria cuz the population of Turkish people in there reached to a million again, they cant do that easily anymore.

                              Because, according to latest announcement from World Bank, Bulgaria is one of Europe's biggest recipients of remittances and these remittances from migrant workers are a lifeline to large sections of the Bulgarian economy.

                              Guess where is that money come from? Ofc Turkey because at least 1-2 person from every Turkish family in Bulgaria, lives and works in Turkey and some of them works in Germany and because of the ridiculously low pension rates in Bulgaria, all these people sends money to Bulgarian banks to contribute their family members who remained in there.

                              Check this out;

                              Bulgarians Living Abroad to Send Home USD 1.6 billion in 2010

                              Bulgaria remains one of Europe's biggest recipients of remittances in 2010, according to the latest "Migration and Remittances Factbook" by the World Bank.

                              Based on the country rankings shown in the report, remittances to Bulgaria are estimated to reach nearly USD 1.6 billion for the entire 2010, staying more or less flat over the previous year, when migrants sent home remittances to the order of an estimated 5.3% of GDP.

                              Remittances from migrant workers are a lifeline to large sections of the Bulgarian economy, particularly the retail trade and the housing market.

                              The biggest Bulgarian communities are based in Spain, Germany, Greece, Italy, Romania and Turkey.

                              EMIGRATION, 2010
                              ■■Stock of emigrants: 1,200.6 thousands
                              ■■Stock of emigrants as percentage of population: 16.0%
                              ■■Top destination countries: Turkey, Spain, Germany, Greece, Italy, Moldova, the United Kingdom, the United States, Romania, Canada

                              SKILLED EMIGRATION, 2000
                              ■■ Emigration rate of tertiary-educated population: 6.6%
                              ■■ Emigration of physicians: 814 or 2.9% of physicians trained in the country

                              IMMIGRATION, 2010
                              ■■Stock of immigrants: 107.2 thousands
                              ■■Stock of immigrants as percentage of population: 1.4%
                              ■■ Females as percentage of immigrants: 57.9%
                              ■■Refugees as percentage of immigrants: 4.4%
                              ■■Top source country: Turkey

                              As you can see, top destination for both emigrants and immigrants are Turkey. Actually, no one in Turkey immigrates in to Bulgaria. These immigrants are the ones who expelled to Turkey in 1989 and they are citizen of Turkey now because these ~350.000 people has been disqualified from Bulgaria citizenship by Bulgar authorities and they are formally counted as immigrants if they go to their family in Bulgaria.

                              So, if Bulgars expels Turks again, then they wont be able to get any money from the Turkish people outside Bulgaria(mainly from Turkey) and this can seriously damage their already poor economy. For example, my brother`s mother in law in Bulgaria gets about 100$ as a retired pension and my brother`s wife and her brother sends them about 400-500$ from Turkey to their bank account in Bulgaria every month. This is the case with nearly all the one million Bulgaria citizen Turks.

                              I know some Bulgars, especially fascist clowns like VMRO-BG and ATAKA wanna set up another exodus for the Turks in Bulgaria but even in the exodus of 1989, it was them who lost qualified people because i know that there are many 1989 immigrants from Bulgaria working in Turkish universities today and they studied with strict communist education and they are still hard workers here and they contribute Turkey`s development. So, if Bulgars do that again, this time their loss would be much bigger than 1989.
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                              • optimist
                                • Dec 2010
                                • 8

                                I'm not so sure

                                The "professors" that made the scientific research aren't actually demographic professors, but professors from political parties. One of the scientists was the vice-president of a nationalist party I think. Also, the gypsies are 370 000 since the beggining of 2001 and they don't have that much babies as before. Also, real professors on demography are saying that it's a lie and that it's impossible to happen. And Bulgarians are real Bulgarians, the Gagaus, Macedonians and etc. are regarded as seporate ethnic groups, no way we're 5 million. I'd also be worried not about Bulgaria, but about Macedonia , which has 30% Albanians who are growing in numbers every year....