Macedonia not using EU funds enough

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  • Soldier of Macedon
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    • Sep 2008
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    Macedonia not using EU funds enough

    Macedonia has used only one third of the EUR 40 million of EU funds so far, Macedonian media report. Deputy Prime Minister Vasko Naumovski and the opposition agreed at a session of the Commission for European Affairs that Macedonia had not been using the money from the IPA funds enough.

    So far, only money for capacity building in institutions has been used.

    The use of the funds for cross-border cooperation is still only beginning. Macedonia cannot even consider the remaining three components: regional development, development of human resources and especially rural development at the moment, because first the working of the institutions needs to be brought to accord with the standards required by Brussels.
    Why wouldn't they be using it, are they saving it for something?
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  • Risto the Great
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    • Sep 2008
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    Saving it for their arses I would imagine.
    The more they spend, the more they are bitches for the dogs of the EU.
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    • Rogi
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      • Sep 2008
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      Money buys influence.

      This is the reason why Gruevski has been doing anything, to avoid having to get a loan from the IMF (which the Sorosoids keep pushing as something 'Macedonia must do' to survive).


      • King Makedon
        • Apr 2009
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        What are 40 mio € for a country. just peanuts. Other countries got aid for billions of €.
        The administration is a catastrophy. nothing works smooth. Too many regulations. Too much loosing time for regulating status.Everything, even worthless things have to be prooved by notary etc...., until you get the needed documents.
        the one hand does not know what the other hand does.
        No one knows the regulations exactly, because of constant changes in the regulations.
        In Germany I go to one counter i pay them regular fees and can take my documents within 5 minutes up to 2 days(which is sent by mail then to my home adress). Here in macedonia you have to wait sometimes weeks, months even years. and you have to go different institutions and wait for your documents. After a while you may give up.
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