Government signs water concession agreement with company "Energie Zotter Bau"

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    Government signs water concession agreement with company "Energie Zotter Bau"

    Government signs water concession agreement with company "Energie Zotter Bau"

    Thursday, 16 July 2009

    Economy Minister Besimi signed Thursday an agreement for water concession with Robert Zotter and Samoli Celeski, representatives of Austrian company "Energie Zotter Bau", which has acquired 16 sites for construction of small hydro-power plants at international calls announced in 2007.

    The plants, due to be completed by June 2012, will annually produce 26,48 GWh.

    Today's ceremony marked the beginning of the agreement signing with nine companies, which were the best bidders at the two calls for construction of 88 small hydro-power plants in Macedonia.

    "This agreement launches the project for construction of 400 small hydro-power plants worth Euro 300 million. The Ministry has thus far announced three calls, two of which have been completed, the third is in an evaluation stage, whereas the fourth one, offering 30-40 sites, will be announced soon", said Minister Besimi.

    He stressed that 41 sites at an estimated value of Euro 45 million were allocated at the first call, and 24 sites at approximately Euro 17 million were part of the second call. Evaluation of the bids within the third call for construction of 20 hydro-power plants is ongoing.

    "Energie Zotter Bau" representative Celeski said the company has the knowledge and means to realize the investment for construction of 16 plants worth about Euro 15 million, as well as take part at the next calls.

    "We are ready to implement the projects immediately, expecting assistance from the ministries and local authorities in easier obtaining of required documents. If construction permits are acquired on time, we are planning to put into use the first plant in February of next year", added Celeski.

    Energie Zotter Bau operates in Austria, Bosnia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland and Slovakia.

    I smell the "corpetocracy" at work here......
    Macedonian Truth Organisation