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I hear ya.

But UMD advocate compromise.

UMD support the negotiations - UMD believe that the Greeks have legitimate grievances, and that the negotiations are legitimate and the Macedonian leadership has the right to be negotiating the terms of the Constitution.

Not the kind of people I want fighting for Macedonia. But defending Macedonia isn't their business.

They do not represent the Macednoian diaspora, even though this is how they portray themselves. Its a fkn sleight on all good and honest Macedonians to have an organization claim is representing them (taking advantage of their good trusting nature), and then pushing the agenda that Macedonia should give in to the Greeks.

I know my Macedonian history well enough to see a traitorous organization when I see one.

If you can steer your eyes away from the "relationships" they are building, and look at what they are really and actually advocating - you might be shocked.
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