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Mission statement is a smokescreen.

They are not interested in FULL recognition - and every point I made about them is dead accurate.

I have it from a reliable source that Meto wants Macedonia in NATO as F.Y.R.O.M - not Republic of Macedonia. So I asked him myself - and he simply would not respond.

Secondly, since UMD has been around it has made Macedonia joining NATO is its HIGHEST priority, and this is based on their assumption that it will not survive unless it joins. A couple high ranking members of UMD stated at Maknews (before I hit the fan) that Macedonia should change its name to join NATO (Bushav was the one pushing this line hard).

UMD's objective is to bring Macedonia down.

It is not in the business of "defending", rather "taking what we can get" like all shrewd (shallow) fk heads. It will ride the abuse for as long as there is abuse, and for as long as Macedonia has something left to compromise.
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