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Thats where you should stash all your valuables, before government, banks and stock markets get them, esp if youre a middle income or upper middle income earner the sharks from below and above will be swarming all around your income, assets etc net worth. Now I personally dont know exactly whats going on in the world economy so thats the best safe haven as far as I know re safety from confiscation both direct and indrect. Like I said in an earlier post think inflation across the board(tax, prices etc) and work from there. I personally have no time for govts or other crooks or normative analysis of markets which are all loaded(usually just try to get my piece of the trading so I can finance more important things). The corruption, nepotism etc is just too deep seated and you have to adapt to it. Eventually, you might want to follow your wealth offshore and drink cocktails.

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Lapid: I won't let Israel become Cyprus or Greece
“I’m not prepared for us to turn into Greece or Cyprus on my watch,” Lapid wrote in a lengthy Facebook post, saying that covering the country’s NIS 30 billion “overdraft” would require difficult choices.

Even Israel knows going "Greek" means going broke.
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George S.
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thank goodness macedonia hasn't had a chance to go for broke like greece.That's the access to the eu will do that.
"Ido not want an uprising of people that would leave me at the first failure, I want revolution with citizens able to bear all the temptations to a prolonged struggle, what, because of the fierce political conditions, will be our guide or cattle to the slaughterhouse"
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Originally Posted by TrueMacedonian View Post

Lapid: I won't let Israel become Cyprus or Greece
“I’m not prepared for us to turn into Greece or Cyprus on my watch,” Lapid wrote in a lengthy Facebook post.

Even Israel knows going "Greek" means going broke.
Oh please. Israel and Greece have so much in common. They require billions in foreign aid for survival. They bloat about being a liberal democracy while they persecute their neighbors and steal their lands based on "ancient history" Also if it weren't for German "reparations" they would be in serious economic troubles. Also they both seem to whine about Turkey and Erdogan the "anti-semite" and "anti-greek" lol.

But in all seriousness, Greece means a country. It was similar in fashion to label Japan or Poland as bankruptcy in the 90s, the US in the 20's, Germany in the 30's, Iceland in the early 00's. If these euphemisms to bankruptcy are ever-changing then they are not set in stone as you imply TrueMacedonian. Greece just means another Balkan country...that's all. Not the superior European nation that dumb nationalists Greeks make it out to be, and not the forever bankrupt state that ignorant observers make it to be. History has shown that all economic crises no matter how bad move on and so does history. Truth is Greece is a not so significant state like the Balkaners in the EU and Merkel has made the mistake of putting *way too much* money into saving this not so significant state.

For the record I am Greek.

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bankruputcy, default, failures, greece

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