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Default United States wanted Macedonia independent back in 1783

United States wanted Macedonia independent back in 1783

April 13, 2012

John Adams, one of US founding fathers, in a statement written back on July 14th, 1783 to the first US State Secretary Robert Livingston, clearly stated he wanted to see Macedonia as well as Greece independent from Ottoman rule.

Unfortunately for some Balkan nations (including Macedonia), it was the French, Prussians (Germany) who decided who gets independence.

The US president was well aware of the French and the Germans pushing their own agendas on the Balkans.

Adams then went on to describe the Greeks as people... 230 years later they are still described in the same way, “corrupted in their morals to such a degree, as to be a faithless, perfidious race, destitute of courage...” Ouch!

Source: Macedoniaonline.
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I find this hard to believe
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