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Originally Posted by TrueMacedonian View Post
I believe that even Paul Cartledge has acknowledged that Arrian makes a distinction between Macedonians and Hellenes.
Was the point of agamoi quote to demonstrate Macedonians were greeks because the Persians found some stray greek mercenary near their lines? Its reminscent of modern greek propaganda also, selective history and ignoring or squashing a vast historical material that points to the contrary.
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Originally Posted by Daskalot View Post
You see Agamoi, you can turn this every way you like.
But one thing is for sure, no Greek has ever used Macedonian and Macedonians to denote their ethnic and national belonging.

It all is very very very simple, Macedonia for the Macedonians, it all condenses down to these simple words.
No Greek has ever fought for or desired a free Macedonia, not now or in history.

Just remember these simple words from a humble Macedonian fighting for Macedonia.

On a side note, most of the people you claim to be Greeks are in one way or another influenced by the propaganda of their time. There are also a lot of inconsistencies, read thru the books and you will understand.

Exaclty. No greek ever used the word Macedonian to describe himself until the problem rose again in the 90's. In fact they use to call it northern territories or "new greece" or something. Someone should do a thorough study of the entire edifice of modern greek propaganda.
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George S.
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Well the modern propaganda is designed to trick people to accept whatever is propagated in a subtle way.Especially saying that the macedonian language was greek so that it leads one to one conclusion that it must have been greek.I woulsd say numerous books have been written how macedonians spoke their own language it was their mother tounge.The ordinary macedonian person never needed to understand greek at all.For example the greeks claimed macedonian was a guibberish to the greeks that they could not understand.
But the royal house of macedonians was educated & they could speak a quite of number of languages for trade &commerce purposes only.Speaking a language doesn't make a person greek because the speak greek.But with propaganda they can twist things around.
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Proof Macedonians & Macedonia are not Greek & not part of Greece (Hell Ass) but are a different nation/race & country.

Proof Greeks from Greece (Hell Ass) are Turko-Albanian's.
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Before he was banned Voltrun said he struggled to understand a "Greek" Cypriot, does that mean they are not Greek?.

Well actually "Greek" Cypriot is mutually intelligable with Standard Greek, they are actually two different languages. Greeks try to claim that Koine, Cypriot, Pontic, etc. are dialects of the one language but realistically they are more seperate languages that are part of the same language family.
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Imagine all that road ...
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ancient macedonians, freeman, philip

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