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Default Macedonia - First recorded Football game

На Серапион, еден од неговите млади пријатели со кои сакал да игра ФУДБАЛ , не му давал ништо,
зашто тој и ништо не барал од него.Еднаш кога Серапион дошол да игра и топката секогаш им ја подавал на другите,Александар го прашал:
„А зошто не ми ја подаваш мене?“„Ти и не ја бараш!“, му одговорил Серапион.Кралот се насмеал и богато го дарувал.

Furthermore, he was generally more displeased with those who would not take his gifts than with those who asked for them. And so he wrote to Phocion in a letter that he would not treat him as a friend in future if he rejected his favours. Again, to Serapion, one of the youths who played at ball with him, he used to give nothing because he asked for nothing. Accordingly, whenever Serapion had the ball, he would throw it to others, until the king said: ‘Won't you give it to me?’ ‘No,’ said Serapion, ‘because you don't ask for it,’ whereat the king burst out laughing and made him many presents.
Plutarch. Plutarch's Lives. with an English Translation by. Bernadotte Perrin. Cambridge, MA. Harvard University Press. London. William Heinemann Ltd. 1919. 7
The Macedonians originates it, the Bulgarians imitate it and the Greeks exploit it!
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