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Default Two Accounts of Leo I and Attila the Hun - the Anonymous Account

While doing some reading for the Medieval History course I'm taking this semester at university, I came across a quote by an anonymous author about the lands that Attila the Hun ravaged. If there is a thread already on the forum for Medieval Macedonian history, please move this quote over there!

Here is the quote:

Attila, the leader of the Huns, who was called the scourge of God, came into Italy, inflamed with fury, after he had laid waste with most savage frenzy Thrace and Illyricum, Macedonia and Moesia, Achaia and Greece, Pannonia and Germany.
Here's the link to the text.

Later on in the book, Philippi and Thessalonica are mentioned as Macedonian cities:

If you happen to be near Achaia, you have Corinth; if you are not far from Macedonia, you have Philippi and Thessalonica. If you can turn towards Asia, you have Ephesus.
Here's the link to that.

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