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Originally Posted by Soldier of Macedon View Post
To tell you the truth Sarafot, I am entirely familiar (or convinced as a result) with the work of Tentov and Bosevski, we may need to open a thread and discuss that topic separately.

With regard to another Illyrian word, check the following Montenegrin city:

John Wilkes, who wrote 'The Illyrians', indicates a possible etymology for the placename Ulcinj/Ulqin (formerly Olcinium/Olkinium) as 'wolf', connecting it to the Albanian word 'ukas' (or ujk) which also means the same.

Wolf - English
Lykos - Greek
Ujk - Albanian
Olk(inium) - Illyrian
Volk - Macedonian

It is interesting to note that the Slavic variant seems to have had a sound change at some point from Olkin to Ultsin. If the word does indeed mean 'wolf', then in Slavic it presents itself in a plural form, for Volk is singular and Voltsi is plural, therefore Ultsi(n) would mean 'wolves'.
Truly remarkable SoM. You've done it again.

I love the comparative analysis - it makes for a very strong and convincing arguement.

What's the "inium" ?
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