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Another international dose of intimidations toward Macedonia from ICG:

26 Aug 2010


To the European Union (EU), its Member State Governments, and the U.S. Government:

4. Renew efforts to achieve a compromise in the name dispute between Greece and Macedonia, and take other steps to insulate Macedonia, as well as Bosnia-Herzegovina, from possible negative repercussions of a Kosovo-Serbia rapprochement.

„Една од причините зошто засега албанската заедница не е заинтересирана за отцепување е што Македонија е се уште блиску до ЕУ и НАТО. Но ако спорот за името остане нерешен уште долго, меѓуетничките прашања ќе станат поиритирачки“, изјави Марк Прелек, меѓународна кризна група.

"One of the reasons why so far the Albanian community is not interested in secession is that Macedonia is still close to the EU and NATO. But if the name dispute remains unresolved for a long, the inter-ethnic issues will become more irritating " said Mark Prelek, International Crisis Group.

Very clear message, simple mind fucking.
The purpose of the media is not to make you to think that the name must be changed, but to get you into debate - what name would suit us! - Bratot

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