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Originally Posted by Slovak/Anomaly/Tomas View Post
Well in short, he would take a piece of pottery and interpret the drawings on it as letters, or scratches on wood, or shades in a photograph of an object, rust erosion on metal objects, etc. Basically, he would find inscriptions and texts where there aren't any. All of the text he "deciphered" are pretty much the same and all read in an "Ancient Russian" language.
Chudinov believes that the proto-language of humanity was "Ancient Russian".

His nationalism isn't the point. Its a thin viel and irrelevent.

The "grafitti" of the ancient world to the untrained eye looks like etchings and scratches - from the strange writing of the ancient Macedonians to the "runes" of the Nordic people - just etchings and scratches, but so much more than that too.

The crux of what he has found should be taken seriously.
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