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And I have to state that I'm very disapointed of those Macedonians who somehow have managed to stay in Greece after the civil war and the exodus while their relatives were deported around the world, so they could appropriate the whole abandoned possession for themselfs and claiming to be something they can never be in order to achieve a political use of being a "Greek" as to keep those possessions and not allow their relatives to come back.
It is not Macedonians in Greece the problem about the property of their deported relatives. Greek government does not give a s..t about problems among Macedonians about property rights. Greece is keeping the racist laws about the property against Macedonians because it does not want them back in Egejska.
The same problems were taken care by the state when the exiled greek communists were allowed to come back home after more then 20 years of exile and their properties were also confiscated or had been abusively taken by their ralatives, too.
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