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Using the term "Slav" to define the Macedonians, whether by outsiders or Macedonians themselves, was really a phenomenon of the 1920s and 1930s. That's when Russia was on the rise, and was using the term Slav to attract Slavic-speaking peoples to its domain. It also coincided with the strengthening of the Yugoslav idea in Croatia and Serbia. This is when you start seeing the "Macedonian Slav" terminology enter the conversation, and it gained in prominence as Yugoslavs and Macedonians tried to get Russians and other Slavic-speaking peoples onto their side in the battle against Greek terrorists and occupiers in Aegean Macedonia.

Before the 1920s, the term Macedonian Slav was practically insignificant. Some scholars and others used it when making appeals to other Slavic-speaking people. Most who did use the term used it in regards to Slavic-speaking. However, if you look at newspapers and books written before the 1930s, especially those by Westerners, they rarely refer to "Macedonian Slavs" or "Slavs of Macedonia." It was usually just Macedonian. Sure, they (and we) acknowledged that our language is part of the Slavic family. But when hybrid Slavo-Albanian-Turkish-Vlachs like yourself use the term, it's specifically designed to belittle and de-legitimize the ethnic Macedonian identity.

So get out.
I categorise use of the term ethnic Slavs as no different to the ethnic purity direct descendant of ancient Hellene myth, all a part of the 'Greek national myth'
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