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I can’t see your original post but actually none of the two statements is unheard.

I’ve been told the exact same thing by a Serb. They don’t consider you Serbs but Bulgarians (due to linguistic proximity). I remember a Serb had told me that Muslim Bosnians are more genuine Serbs than you.

You don’t need Metaxas memoirs to know. Greeks and Bulgarians (and Serbs) contested to attract the Slavs of Macedonia and persuade them they are actually Greeks, Bulgarians or Serbs.

Part of the Greek propaganda may seem funny now as it would be summarized in phrases like “You can’t be Bulgarians. You’re glorious Macedonians, descendants of Alexander the Great”. Even some of the most bizarre sides of modern “antiquization” propaganda can be found done by… Greek propagandists of late 1800s, early 1900s (we have relevant threads, e.g. tracing Homeric remnants in Slavic dialects).
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