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Originally Posted by Karposh View Post
LoM, I really didn't want to weigh in but, seriously mate, what you're saying is offence. Putting aside your counter arguments to SoM, which I find a bit hard to follow tbh, looking at the poem you quoted, the well known towns of Solun, Bitola, Ohrid, Negush, and the Tikvesh region are mentioned which is hardly a point worthy of singling out for surprise. Do you really think people lived in bubbles during the 19th century and remained put within each of their respective towns and villages because of a lack of infrastructure and means of communication? There is no doubt they knew of Solun, the most significant commercial hub of Ottoman Macedonia or, Bitola, the second most significant town in Ottoman Macedonia or, Ohrid, the cradle of Christian Orthodoxy in Macedonia with over a thousand years of existence or, Negush, which is not that far off from Kostur or the Tikvesh region?

It is not that I believe they lived in a bubble, it is based on research of that time that highlights the complete of lack of communication across large scales. Your average peasant, in all of Europe, would possess little knowledge of the places beyond their immediate dwelling. The significance of the cities is also somewhat irrelevant as to know why they are famous would mean there would need to be an education, of which the Ottoman Empire severly lacked. Of course I am not silly enough to believe peasants were not educated by elders or by religious figures so of course many would know of these towns and why they are significant but we cannot assume all did. I did mention before how most locales east of Solun and north of Bitola were not widely known in Kostursko so I did not actually suggest these significant towns were unknown, even if the people in question never visited them.
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