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Noticed this folktale/poem (unsure how to calssify) whilst reading 'Bulgarian Folk Songs' by the Miladinov Brothers. It was under the Kostursko section in this part of the book but notice its references to other regions in Macedonia at a time when there was little connection between these areas (the material was gathered in the 1850s and this example is likely much older):

331. (Петрице, моме Петрице!)

„Петрице, моме Петрице!

Дейгиди риба летнице,

Цѫрвено отъ Охритъ яболко,

Преспанска тѫнка ѭгуля,

Елибасанско-но ноже,

Юручка топла погача,

Битолско поле широко,

Тиквешка бѣла пченица,

Солунско суво грозѥнце,

Воденска ширка цѫрвена,

Негошко вино ’убаво!“
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