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Default Alexander was Macedonian in the USA since 1830

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One of the most famous historians of the 19th century, Charles Rolin in their books on the art and science of ancient people, makes a clear distinction between Macedonians and Athenians at the time of the greatest kings of Macedonia: Philip and Alexander.

At number two edition published by George Deborn in New York in 1836, Charles Rolin opened many interesting topics, which we will write in the coming days. The material is comprehensive and should be seriously analyzed. One of the more interesting details that you will make an impression, is surely the fact the origin of Plato. Plato was a Macedonian from Thrace, who even after his 15th year of life for the first time encountered the Hellenic language, when heading for Athens to be educated. There are many interesting details...
The Macedonians originates it, the Bulgarians imitate it and the Greeks exploit it!
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