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Originally Posted by Rogi View Post

Did the Paionians have their own language, or did they speak ancient "Greek"?
We can't be sure about the Paonian language and its origin,since just some words ,names and place names survived (see above).

Some clasify it as Thracian,some as Illyrian,some as distinct ,but not as Macedonian or(/and?) Greek.
(although some of the kings' names are definitely Greek)

Did you know that the Paionians, Pelagonians, Lyncestians, etc (the Macedonian tribes from Upper Macedonians) had no communication problems (language, culture, etc) amongst the tribes of Upper Macedonia, nor with the Macedonian tribes from Lower Macedonia?
It's false to summon up Paionians with Lyncestians for ex.According to sources Lyncestians,Pelagonians ...etc formed the Upper Macedonians.
Paionians NOT.
In fact Paionians-as Thracians were pushed north (and east for Thracians) by the Macedonians.

About communication-it s not easy to find in the sources "communications problems" between people-i m not aware abt such communication problems between Macs and Thracians ,or even macs and Indians(!) in the ancient sources.
Does this mean they were speaking the same language?

But not even the contrary means necessarily smthing -for ex there are noted communication problems between Ionian and Dorian Greeks.It might be a dialectical problem too.

Even if such problems were mentioned between Macedonians and Paionians , it wouldn t be alone enough to have a conclusion.

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