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A final story that isn't really isn't associated to my family; in the mid 1960's when my dedo was mandatory serving in the greek army he was in solun since one of his duties was to deliver mail and he met this old man who was also in the army they were talking and the old man could tell that my dedo wasn't greek but macedonian and told him to be proud of who he is and never forget that; he also told him how after the second balkan war most of aegean macedonia and solun was supposed to go to bulgaria but bulgaria had to withdraw most of its troops from the region since it was also fighting romania at the same time. so during that time the greek government sent its army and king to solun at the time and the army executed the king in the city of thessaloniki/solun since they believed in some stupid way that if their king died their it would somehow give them a claim to aegean macedonia/whatever part that bulgaria was occupying at the time (I know it sounds outlandish but crazy stuff happens during war, I tried to figure it out and wikipedia has no real info on the man who killed their king just that he was a drunk and a lot of mystery so I believe this that the army killed their own king to get the land.)
The Greek King George I was murdered in March 1913, before the beginning of the Second Balkan War (June 1913).
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