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Originally Posted by Soldier of Macedon View Post
Such was the "strong Greek conscience" of the father that most of the daughters chose to marry Nazis instead. I guess it kind of makes sense given the immense contribution of the Germans concerning the creation of modern Greece. I suppose his inbred Germanic kinsmen that were monarchs in Sofia also had a strong (Bulgar) conscience. It was so strong in both cases that none of them ever bothered taking a native wife from their adoptive countries to solidify the bond between master and subject or ensure their progeny could claim a legitimate ancestral connection to their respective populations.
Actually, this IS interesting, but you won't easily find someone who really cares. A Greek royalist might bother to explain it, support Andrew or take a look at his life and actions, or the royal morals and political views of 1920-1930-1940s.

In short,
- there are not many morganatic marriages in the Royal houses
- daughters don't really matter, they're probably trained to adopt the national conscience of the country they'll get married to, I'm not sure, who cares
- all four daughters of Andrew had more or less the same fate as Philip, they grew abroad, fatherless and motherless under unclear influences
- their personalities and views (if they had any) are also not well known or easy to find, it seems very interesting but nobody cares


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