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If only the Macedonians mentioned throughout that article were courageous enough to start a world movement for the return to Macedonia of the many antiquities/manuscripts that are in foreign lands.

Look at how well the greeks formed an International Organising Committee, whom even had the support of an Australian prime minister and UNESCO. click here

Where are the Macedonians to present there case to;

.... the Permanent Court of Arbitration at the Peace Palace in the The Hague, and/or the various International Law Seminars such as, “Resolution of Cultural Property Disptues”. That seminar attracted world experts on the issue of the return of illegally appropriated cultural property.

It is sad an unfortunate that we are in this position, but the reality is we are a divided people and have been for centuries. That along with the many greek/bulgarian 'соработници' have put us in the position we are in today.
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